Welcome to NSW Police Force

The Australian Police website

started out, in 2000, as the Thin Blue Line using the url of www.PoliceNSW.com!!

Since that time, the website has expanded immensely ( having a new url of www.AustralianPolice.com.au ) and although most of the information under the tabs above are in relation to the New South Wales Police Force ( NSWPF ), the information is now of an Historical nature only and can no longer be considered as valid – although a great percentage is still correct.

This website has now become a Memorial site to the lives of Police who have served within any of the jurisdictions of Australia policing and who have now passed away.  This is also extended to those people who work directly with our Police – such as member of the Public Service sector.

No matter what jurisdiction they worked, no matter if they died ‘on duty’ or ‘ off duty’, no matter if they served 1 year or 50 years, no matter the cause of death, no matter if they simply died of ‘old age’ or ‘suicide’, if they Served, they deserved to have a Memorial site – and this is the place for that Memorial site.

If you know of any Police, or those who directly worked with Police, and they don’t appear in these archives, simply send details here.

This website is also not affiliated directly with any policing authority but the greater percentage of users are police.

This website is not sponsored nor financially assisted by any entity other than one sole retired member of the NSWPF as my dedication to those who went before me and will go after me.

May we all Rest In Peace when that time comes.