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Distance Education mode Part time Study


“Subjects are written for the needs of the students foremost”

Distance education allows students to complete the first half of the first component of the Diploma of Policing Practice by distance education from their home or workplace. Students will be required to complete 2 sessions of part-time study over a period of eight months. They will then be required to attend a third session, full-time on campus at the Police College.

Students are able to study the following subjects by distance education, without having to resign from their current employment.

Session 1A

  • JST111 Ethical Dimensions of the Police Role
  • JST115 Policing & Crime Prevention

Session 1B

  • JST112 Communication in Policing 1
  • JST113 The Criminal Justice System
  • JST116 The Context of Policing

Session 2

Session 2 of the course will be conducted at the NSW Police College, Goulburn.

The following subjects will be studied:

  • JST130 Society, Law & Practice
  • JST132 Communication in Policing 2
  • JST136 Policing Road Safety
  • JST137 Operational Safety & Tactics
  • JST140 Assessment Centre



  • As a Distance Education student, you study the first two sessions of the course from home.
  • Instead of attending on-campus lectures and tutorials, you will receive a mail package, which may include printed materials, audio and videotapes, computer disks and CD-ROMs as well as a host of online support functions to enable you to study at home. All DE subjects are supported online to enable you to check your grades, order a library book, email your lecturer, chat online with other students or submit assignments.
  • Tutors and lecturers can be contacted by phone or email to help with any enquiries or problems you may encounter. Online facilities are provided for your convenience.
  • A compulsory orientation weekend will be held when the course begins where you will receive information to help you manage and cope with the study. Subject information will be provided at the orientation weekend.
  • Compulsory weekend residential schools for each subject are held to help you with problems, to simulate practical aspects of the policing profession, to provide feedback on your fitness levels, for assessment, and to network with students and teachers.
  • You join the other students at the NSW Police College in Goulburn for Session 2, with limited on-campus accommodation provided at a cost of $100 a week. If, after successfully completing Session 2, you are employed as a Probationary Constable, you will study Sessions 3, 4 and 5 by DE.
  • Distance Education students may apply for a scholarship for Session 2.
  • Students must have achieved a fitness level that is approximately 80% of that required for the final fitness assessment by the commencement of Session 2. Information on the Physical Fitness Requirements for the Diploma of Policing Practice and opperational Police Duties is available in the CSU Application and Information packs, or from the NSW Police Recruitment Branch (02) 9639 7977. Applicants not meeting the specified fitness level will not be permitted to start Session 2.

Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS):

All students enrolled in the Diploma of Policing Practice must pay Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS) fees: you pay part of the cost of your higher education and the Government pays the rest.

HECS is calculated on the number of subjects enrolled in per session: for 2002, the upfront rate of HECS is $337.60 per subject; the deferred rate of HECS is $449.76 per subject.

HECS instalments to the Tax Office commence immediately your current taxable income reaches $23,242 or higher (even if you are still studying). Repayments are based on the level of income and are currently applied at the rate of 3 – 6%, depending on your taxable income.

The amount of HECS Distance Education Students will pay each session (2002 rates):

No. of subjects Deferred If payed upfront
Session 1A Three $1349.28 $1012.80
Session 1B Two $899.52 $675.20
Session 2 Five $2248.80 $1688.00
Session 3 Two $899.52 $675.20
Session 4 Two $899.52 $675.20
Session 5 Two $899.52 $675.20
Total $7196.16 $5401.60


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