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Tackling Child Sexual Abuse?


How Else Is The NSW Police Force Tackling Child Sexual Abuse?

Serious criminal child abuse is now being tackled by specialist teams. Joint Investigation Teams (JITs) are made up of specially trained child protection officers from both DOCS and NSW Police. JITs jointly investigate child abuse allegations that may involve a criminal offence – for example, child sexual abuse or serious criminal assault. JITs also draw on the expertise of other government departments such as NSW Health, to maximise support to victims and families.

In rural and remote areas joint investigative responses are coordinated through Child Protection Investigative Units (CPITs) which are police teams trained to investigate child abuse. CPIT Police and DOCS work closely together but do not work from the same offices like JITs.

The Child Protection Enforcement Agency, part of the NSW Police Force, was established in July 1996 to investigate serial child sexual assault. The CPEA works closely with other government agencies and international services.

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