Australian Police

Australian Police

The Thin Blue Line – Australian Police

Possible Signs Of Sexual Abuse



  • describing sexual Acts
  • telling you about it directly or indirectly
  • self destructive behaviour (eg. drug dependency, suicide attempts, self-mutilation)
  • going to bed fully clothed
  • anorexia or over eating
  • bruising or bleeding in the genital area
  • sexually transmitted diseases
  • bruising to the breasts, buttocks, lower abdomen or thighs
  • adolescent pregnancy
  • child being in contact with a known or suspected perpetrator of a sexual assault
  • unexplained accumulation of money and gifts
  • persistent running away from home
  • regressive behaviour (eg. sudden return to bed wetting or soiling)
  • sexual behaviour inappropriate for the child’s age
  • fear of being hurt during dressing or nappy changing
  • fear of being alone with a particular adult (eg. access visits, music or sports lessons)
  • delinquent, aggressive or truant behaviour at school
  • poor relationships with other children
  • strong fear or anxiety, especially about going home

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