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About Safety House

What Is The Safety House Program? Why Should You Get Involved? What Can You Do?
The Safety House Program is a local Police and community program that:

  • Provides a safe place for children
  • Provides children with the skills and confidence to feel safe
  • Provides a network of safe places for children within the community

A distinctive yellow smiling house logo allows children to easily recognise an approved safety house as a safe place to go when they feel scared or threatened.

School education programs reinforce the role which Safety House plays for children

Have you ever felt unsure, scared, threatened or just lost?

  • Children can feel this way while travelling to and from school

  • We all have the right to feel safe at all times

  • the safety house program provides a way of helping children keep safe during their travelling to and from school

  • You can help by playing a part in the safety house program to make our community safer


Join the safety house program by:

  • Becoming a safety house/business holder
  • Displaying the safety house letterbox plaque or business sign
  • Becoming a local committee member
  • Becoming a monitor of safety houses in your street
  • Getting involved in safety house activities such as yellow days and ‘IMA’ promotional shows


What Does Being In Safety House Mean?
Either your home or business can become a safety house if:

  • Someone is on the premises during the times children normally travel to and from school
  • Your home or business is easily accessible to children from the street
  • Occupants over the age of 15 undergo a police character check

What do you do if your safety house is used?

  • You need to comfort the child
  • Call the police and then follow their instructions
  • For any information regarding Safety House please contact your nearest Police Station


One thought on “About Safety House

  • Keilly Watson

    Hi, Sutherland Shire Council is updating the old brown reserve sign at Wylie Street Reserve, 6R Wylie Street, Kirrawee. There is a Safety House Zone sign on the pole. Is the reserve still a safety house zone or can this sign be removed please?


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