All Local Courts NSW



Local Courts in New South Wales have jurisdiction to deal with:

  • the vast majority of criminal and summary prosecutions,
  • civil matters with a monetary value of up to $40,000,
  • committal hearings,
  • family law matters,
  • child care proceedings,
  • juvenile prosecutions and care matters, and
  • coronial inquiries.


Local Courts also provide the following services:

Court Registries: The registries administer the sittings of the Local Court and provide registry services to the Court’s clients.
Chamber Magistrate: The Chamber Magistrate provides information about legal options and court proceedings, but cannot represent people appearing before the Court. In smaller Courts, the Chamber Magistrate service is often provided by the Clerk of the Court.
Coroner: Coroners hold inquests into deaths and inquiries into fires. Outside the metropolitan area, most Clerks of the Local Court are appointed as Coroners for the State.
Marriage Celebrant: Clerks of the Local Court at most country registries (and some larger metropolitan registries) are authorised to perform marriages.
Licensing: Most major country and outer metropolitan registries process applications for and issue certain licences such as a liquor licence or commercial agents licence.