Allen Percy RUGLESS



Allen Percy RUGLESS

aka  Ruggo

New South Wales Police Force

Regd. # 10236

Rank: Probationary Constable – appointed 26 February 1962

Sergeant 3rd Class – appointed 4 April 1978


Stations?, North Sydney STP, Traffic Adjudication Section HQ, Kings Cross ( 1989 )

ServiceFrom  ? ? pre February 1962  to  ? ? ? = ? years Service

AwardsNational Medal – granted 6 November 1980

1st Clasp to National Medal – granted 2 November 1988

2nd Clasp to National Medal – granted 28 May 1999

Born:  11 September 1941

Age:  74

Injury / Illness:  Influenza & pneumonia

Hospital:  St George Hospital

On behalf of those of us that care, we extend our best wishes to this member for a speedy recovery.




Alan Rugless, circa 1960.
Alan Rugless, circa 1960.


NSW Police , Alan Rugless on a Triumph. This would have been taken in 1964, at Ulmarra, when Alan was stationed at Grafton.
Alan Rugless on a Triumph. This would have been taken in 1964, at Ulmarra, when Alan was stationed at Grafton.  On Allen’s lap is his son, Paul – who also joined the NSWPF.




As of Tuesday 26 July 2016:

Update on Allen Rugless who is currently in St George Hospital. He has been moved into an Intensive Care Ward. Suffering from Influenza virus A and pneumonia. His condition at this time is the same has made no improvement so neither stepped forward or back. Is getting the right treatment so lets hope he continues to battle on.
Bunny Warren


As of Friday  29 July 2016, Ruggo is now in a Critical condition but stable.


Some good news people, just got information that Allen Rugless is on the mend he is 100% from what he was from admission to the hospital. Lyn says that the improvement from last night to today is remarkable. He has most of the machines taken off him is giving cheek to the nursing staff this morning. Lets hope he continues to improve but it looks at this time that he is over the rough part of it. I asked if he is able to have visitors and she said he can but only two at a time. So there you go people latest update on the little bloke.



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