Annette Vicki BROWN (nee Heather)

Annette Vicki BROWN ( nee Heather )

New South Wales Police Force

Regd. # ?

Rank:   Unsworn – V.I.P.

Stations:  Mounted Unit, Redfern ( as a 16 year old ‘work experience’ )

V.I.P. ( Volunteer In Policing) – Camden L.A.C.

Service:  From  to  ?


Born:  24 August 1964

Died on:  5 December 2012

Cause:  Illness – alcohol

Age: 48

Funeral date:  12 December 2012

Funeral location?

Buried at: Castlebrook cemetery, Rouse Hill


Annette Vicki BROWN
Annette Vicki BROWN


An unsworn officer that I thought I’d tell you about – my mum.
Her name is is Annette Vicki BROWN ( nee Heather ). Growing up she had some terrible things happen to her in her life and there was nothing more that she wanted than to help people.
She loved horses and with her two passions, she wanted to join the NSWP mounted unit.
In 1980/1981 she was 16 years old and undertook work experience with the NSWP Mounted Police. She thoroughly enjoyed her time and became friends with Wayne (?) from the unit.
It was during her time with the Police she was the victim of a crime. Still wanting to fulfil her dream she reapplied as an adult however was too thin for the old height and weight restrictions.
At 25 she got married and had her first born daughter, Michelle. At 33 she was re married and had her second and third daughters Caitlin and Lisa. Still never letting go of her dream she applied to be a Volunteer In Policing and worked for the Camden LAC.
She very much loved being part of the Police and was very interested in forensics. She learnt how to lift fingerprints and enjoyed pulling finger prints around the house.
She was the victim of a number of crimes in the latter part of her life and the post traumatic effects were more than she could handle. She self medicated with alcohol.
She was found deceased on December 5, 2012.
She had a big heart and was too kind in a cruel world. Everyone who met her would know how kind she was. She never forgot a birthday, and always went above and beyond for everyone. She loved her daughters and she will be missed forever.
Born 24.08.1964
died 5.12.12
aged 48 years