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Working the Beat

Police throughout NSW will be progressively working the beat during the 1990’s – getting to know you better in order to improve safety in your area and to reduce crime.

Building on the work which NSW Police already do BEAT POLICING opens up the lines of communication between the community and the police.

It enables people to work together to solve or contribute to solutions for problems in their community.


What is Beat Policing

Beat policing was established in Surry Hills & Liverpool in May 1988 when constables attached to the station were given the responsibility for working geographic areas called beats.

Beat include homes, schools, businesses and community centres.

The concept is quite different from the previous methods of foot patrolling where officers patrolled areas randomly.

Now beat officers, who are experienced constables and sergeants, are responsible for a specific are with support from the patrol, detectives and specialist units.

Beat policing is not just walking the streets but interacting with the local community to improve their quality of life.

You can get to know your local beat officers well as they walk the “beat” talking to people in your street.


Is It Successful?

In general terms beat policing has already had some outstanding successes in several patrols throughout the state.

This success has taken the form of increased arrests in many areas which in turn has generated an increased feeling of personal safety.

In some beats where police use public transport to and from their beats, this feeling of safety has spread to commuters.

Through programs such as Neighbourhood Watch, beat police have worked with their local community to promote crime prevention and the exchange of help and information.

Young people too have been able to form a relationship with their local beat police built on trust and understanding.


What can I do?

As part of the NSW Police Force’s Community Based Policing initiatives beat policing is just one of the many programs designed to improve your safety.

Other programs include Neighbourhood Watch (involving Rural Watch), Safety House Scheme, Youth Clubs, Community Aid Panels, and the Community Consultative Committees.

By Becoming involved in these community based schemes you can join a powerful partnership with police which many people have found has had a significant impact on reducing crime in their neighbourhood.


The Future

Beat Policing is designed to specifically target your area and problems peculiar to your community.

More than anything police rely on information and co-operation from the community.

Beat policing is you and your local police WORKING TOGETHER to combat crime in your local area and increase your level of personal safety.

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