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Chief Inspector of Distilleries Officer – 1862


Chief Inspector of Distilleries Office. Sydney, 25th July, 1862.

THE APPOINTMENT of the Undermentioned Officers of Police to be Inspectors of Distilleries, duly notified in the Government Gazette, is now further advertised for public information, and for the guidance of Magistrates and Clerks of Petty Sessions in the country districts: —

Henry Zouch

William Chatfield

John Aitcheson McLerie

George Markham

T.B. Carrne

Edric N. V. Morisset

James Garland, and Charles J. P. Lydiard, Esqs,

Sir Frederick W. Pottinger, Bart,

Critchett Walker

Frederick R. Wilshire, Esq.

Edward M. Battye, and Henry H Bligh, Esq,

Messrs. John H. Bruyess

Arthur A. Abbott

Thomas M. A. White

John G. Hussey

John D. Meares

James Singleton

George Read

James A. Black

Charles Harrison

William O’Neil

Thomas Hogg

Charles G. Persin

William Malbon

Reginald Hare

Henry Garvin

John Oxley Norton

Henry C. Young and John Woolf.

HENRY LUMSDAINE, Chief Inspector of Distilleries.

Freeman’s Journal ( Sydney )   Saturday  2 August 1862   page 7 of 8

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