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Childrens Cancer Institute – Great Cop Drop


Childrens Cancer Institute – Great Cop Drop

Dear All,

This post is shared on behalf of the author, (A mate and genuine nice guy!) and his family. Any support would be appreciated.


On 9 September 2014 we were told that our then 4 year old daughter, Isla, had cancer. Her diagnosis was T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, an aggressive type of leukaemia. Isla had over two years of constant chemotherapy, 28 general anaesthetics, 23 lumbar punctures, 4 bone marrow samples, blood and platelet transfusions and spent months in hospital. She is going well but it won’t be until November 2021 that we will be told she is ‘cured.’

Our family has benefited from the research and trials done by the Children’s Cancer Institute with Isla going on a study to reduce the effects of chemotherapy within a week of her diagnosis, so we want to give something back that will benefit all families with a child with cancer.

The Great Cop Drop is police ( unsworn, retired and ex ) only tandem skydive event by the Children’s Cancer Institute to raise funds to continue their vital and ground breaking research. I’m extremely grateful that Commissioner Michael Fuller APM has given NSWPF support to the event.

The website (link below) has the details;

Date: Sunday  28 October 2018
Time: From 7.30am
Location: Sky Dive Australia – Stuart Park, Cliff Rd, North Wollongong Beach – Sky Dive the beach
Cost : $279 which covers the event AND skydive. Normal weekend tandem sky dive is $329.


Registration also includes Great Cop Drop t-shirt to wear the during the event and keep plus BBQ lunch supplied thanks to the generous support of the Police Association.

Optional cost: Video and photographs

As this is a fundraiser, it’s hoped each participant raises at least $1000.

Although supported by the NSWPF, this is not a police event and participation is off-duty, not in uniform, voluntary and there will be waivers to be signed on the day.

Also there will media leading up to the event and it’s hoped the Today Show will be broadcasting live on the morning.

The first skydiver has already committed to the event and I’m excited to announce the fearless NWMR Commander Assistant Commissioner Mark Jones APM has taken up the #1 skydiving position and has started his fundraising with pace.

The below link is to the website and if you do register go all the way through the process to create your fundraising page.


Grab your work mates for a great day raising funds for the Children’s Cancer Institute.

100% cure for kids cancer. It’s not if, but when.

Contact myself or the Children’s Cancer Institute if you have any questions.

Darrin Batchelor
Detective Inspector
0428 032921


Children’s Cancer Institute – Event – Great Cop Drop
The Great Cop Drop is a NSW Police fundraising initiative supporting Children’s Cancer Institute and childhood cancer research.


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