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Prior to July 1972 the investigation of involved homicide was undertaken by a specially selected group of Detectives who worked in pairs under the direct supervision of the Superintendent in Charge of the Criminal Investigation Branch and were known as General Duty Detectives.

In July, 1972 those members were granted squad status, under the supervision of a Senior Detective Sergeant and designated the Special Crime Squad which was renamed the Homicide Squad in July 1976.

The Squad was under the leadership of a Detective Inspector, who was assisted by a Senior Detective Sergeant, who supervised eleven Detective Sergeants and twenty three Detective Constables, all had been selected for their proven expertise or promise in the exacting task of homicide investigation.

The Homicide Squad was a mobile unit and operated in any part of the State of New South Wales, investigating homicides, deaths of an unusual or suspicious nature, the discovery of skeletal remains and the disappearance of persons under suspicious or unusual circumstances. Investigations of this nature were also undertaken on behalf of other States or Countries as requested from time to time.

Members of the Squad and their predecessors successfully investigated some of the most baffling murders on record, this earned them a reputation of being at least equal of their counterparts in any part of the world.

4 thoughts on “Homicide Squad

  • Neil John McIntyre

    I was a member of the Victorian Police Homicide Squad for about 5 years, and they were the best most respected people on earth, a wonderful team, supervised by the late Frank Holland. Take care and you all must respect Police everywhere, to have a wonderful life…
    PO Box 1962 Southport 4215 GC Qld Australia,.>S> I turn 88 very soon !

  • Wayne Johnson

    Hi Bill – Im an ex NSW Det – 78-90 . In the 70s there was no specific robbery squad. Most robberies eg B&E, and larceny/stealing were handled by the divisional detectives in the area committed. If a firearm was used and depending upon the amount, say in excess of $1,000 or it was a bank job/armoured car or similar – or the offender was known and had lengthy form ( criminal history) the Armed Hold-Up Squad or the “stickups” as they were known would handle it. Homicide naturally handled murder/manslaughter or suspicious deaths. If you want any further assistance – pls reach out.

  • William Ingram

    Hi, My name is Bill Ingram. I am 76 years old and am writing a book set in the 1970s. There is a lot of Aussie police involvement in my book and I have done my research to the best of my ability. What I need to know is this: In the 70s was the division known as Robbery/Homicide. This is important as one of my settings has both robbery and homicide in it and I have two detectives investigating both types of crimes in the one investigation. If you can clarify this for me I would be grateful.
    Regards Bill Ingram


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