The Sheriff’s of NSW

The Sheriffs of the Colony and State of New South Wales

Below is a list of the Sheriff’s of New South Wales and the years during which they held office.

Years Sheriff
1824-1827 John Mackanass
1828 William Carter
1829-1841 Thomas Macquoid
1842 William Hustler
1843-1849 Adolphus William Young
1849-1854 Gilbert Eliot
1855-1860 John O’Neill Brenan
1861-1864 George Richard Uhr
1864-1874 Harold Maclean
1874-1896 Charles Cowper Jnr.
1896-1917 Cecil Edmunds Bridgewater Maybury
1917-1920 Charles Richard Walsh
1920-1925 Walter William Crockford
1925-1939 George Francis Murphy
1939-1945 Harry Charles Lester
1945-1960 Roland Oliver Elliot
1960-1968 Donald Mercer Richardson
1968-1974 Thomas Alexander Woodward
1974-1985 George Francis Hanson
1985-1997 David Michael Lennon
1997 – 1998 Nerida Johnston
1998 – Bruce Kelly


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