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Constable 1st Class Graham PONTER


Constable 1st Class Graham PONTER

Motor Vehicle Accident


14 October, 1961


On the afternoon of 11 October, 1961 Constable Ponter was riding a police solo motor cycle from Bankstown to Police Headquarters. On the Hume Highway at Chullora he made a U-turn, apparently to follow a truck, however a bus drove onto the highway from Waterloo Road in front of Constable Ponter’s cycle. The cycle collided with the side of the bus and Constable Ponter was critically injured. He was taken to the Bankstown District Hospital where he died on 14 October, 1961 without regaining consciousness.


The constable was born in 1933 and joined the New South Wales Police Force on 20 June, 1955. At the time of his death he was stationed at Bankstown.

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