Constable Cornelius HICKEY


Constable Cornelius HICKEY

Horse Accident

Port Macquarie

15 October, 1871


Little is known of the death of Constable Hickey other than the brief details on his death certificate. The certificate states that the constable died as a result of idiopathic gangrene at Port Macquarie on 15 October, 1871. The Hickey/O’Neill family history suggests the illness was the result of a fall, possibly on duty, from a police horse. To date this has not been otherwise verified, and despite the fact that in his day the constable was a very active and high profile member of the police force at Port Macquarie, almost nothing has been found to date regarding the reasons for the illness which ultimately led to his death at the age of 30.


The Australian Town and Country Journal of 28 October, 1871 reported the passing “On the 15th October, at his residence, Port Macquarie, Constable Cornelius Hickey, eldest beloved son of Michael and Elizabeth Hickey, and beloved husband of Mrs. Ellen Hickey, leaving an affectionate wife and three children and large circle of friends to mourn their loss, aged 30 years and 2 months.”

The constable was born in 1841 and at the time of his death was stationed at Port Macquarie.

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