Constable Edward MOLONEY


Constable Edward MOLONEY

Traffic Accident


12 February, 1903


In early February, 1903 the Adelaide Advertiser reported that “Constable Edward Moloney, lately residing at Surry Hills, died from injuries sustained by being knocked down and run over by a van at the intersection of Crown and Campbell Streets. The deceased was crossing Campbell Street, when he turned around to speak to a friend, apparently not noticing the near approach of the van. The driver of the vehicle shouted to him and pulled up, but the deceased then faced the van, and the near shaft struck him on the chest and knocked him down, the wheel passing over his legs. The cause of death was a puncture of the lung by the fractured ribs.”


The NSW Register of Coroners Inquests and Magisterial Inquiries, 1834-1942 indicates that an inquest was held into Constable Moloney’s death at the Sydney City Coroner’s Court on 12 February, 1903. It was found that he died from the “effects of injuries accidentally received by being knocked down and run over by a van attached to a horse being driven along the street by Arthur Bentley”. He died at the Sydney Hospital.


Not known whether the constable was on duty when he was fatally injured. Research into this incident is ongoing. He was aged 65 at the time of his death, was born in Ireland, and was stationed in Sydney.

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