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Constable Gordon Peter PATRECH


Constable Gordon Peter PATRECH

Motor Vehicle Accident


10 January, 1979


About 3.55am on the 10 January, 1979 Constable Patrech was driving his private car home after completing his shift at Ryde Police Station. The journey had taken a considerable time due to the vehicle having broken down a number of times. As the constable was driving along Spinks Road, Glossodia the vehicle veered off the roadway and collided with a stationary garbage compactor. Constable Patrech was killed instantly.



The constable was born in 1952 and joined the New South Wales Police Force on 13 December, 1976. At the time of his death he was stationed at Ryde.

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  • Michael Whymark

    A great mate, sadly missed.


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