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Constable Hubert James JACKSON


Constable Hubert James JACKSON

New South Wales Police Force

Accidentally Shot

38 years


25 May, 1946


The Sydney Morning Herald dated 25 May, 1946 printed the following brief account of the death of Constable Jackson. Nothing further is known of the incident.



Constable Hubert Jackson, 38, who was found shot through the head, with his service revolver lying near him, at his home in Clift Street, Northbridge on Saturday morning, died in Sydney Hospital on Saturday night. When he had failed to report for duty another policeman went to his home and found him lying unconscious.


The inquest into the death of the constable was told that “it was stated that Jackson’s pistol was on a bed and nearby was a cleaning rag when Constable Henry Grover called to see why he was not on duty.”  As the constable was shot in the forehead, and given the presence of the cleaning rag, suicide appears far less likely than this simply being an unfortunate accident.


At the time of his death the constable was aged 38 years and was stationed at North Sydney.

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