Constable John BETAGH


Constable John BETAGH



29 March, 1853


The constable died when he was drowned in the Abercrombie River near Carcoar on 29 March, 1853. His death was reported in the Maitland Mercury on Saturday 30 April, 1853.


MELANCHOLY ACCIDENT — On the 29th of March Constable John Betagh, of the Carcoar Police, was unfortunately drowned in the Abercrombie River. An inquest was held on the body by S. North Esq., Police Magistrate, when it appeared the deceased (who was on duty with the chief constable) was giving his horse a drink at a deep water hole. The bank gave way and both man and horse slid in. The chief constable not being able to swim could afford no assistance, and both were drowned. The body was found next day. Verdict – accidentally drowned.


At the time of his death the constable was stationed at Carcoar. No further details are known as yet.

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