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Australian Police

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Constable Matthew CORBETT


Constable Matthew CORBETT


Wagga Wagga

21 December, 1915


Constable Corbett was on duty at Wagga Court on Monday 20 December, 1915. Late in the afternoon he locked a prisoner in a cell and then suddenly collapsed. He was taken to the Wagga Hospital where he died the following day. Nothing further is known of the circumstances of this death at present.


The Advertiser dated 27 December, 1915, reported that “At Wagga, Constable Corbett, who had charge of the Police Court all day on Monday and was apparently in his usual health, collapsed suddenly after locking a prisoner in a cell. He was removed to the hospital where he died on Tuesday afternoon. Constable Corbett, who had been at Wagga for about 20 years, left a widow and a grown-up family.”


At the time of his death the constable was stationed at Wagga Wagga.


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