Constable Raymond James PAFF

Motor Vehicle Accident

Fairy Meadow

19 March, 1969


Constable Ray Paff ( 1960 )

Constable Ray Paff ( 1960 )

On the night of 5 August, 1953 Constable Paff was directing traffic around a traffic accident on the Princes Highway, near Mt Ousley Road at Fairy Meadow. A taxi approached the constable, who was using a torch, and slowed down. Another vehicle which had been travelling behind the taxi then attempted to overtake. As it did so it struck Constable Paff, carrying him along about twenty metres and throwing him to the ground. The constable sustained serious head injuries as a result of the incident. Due to deteriorating health caused by his injuries Constable Paff was discharged from the police force in March, 1958. He then worked for some time as a handyman on the Wollongong Council. He suffered a fatal cerebral haemorrhage at work on 19 March, 1969.


The constable was born at Nabiac in 1929 and joined the New South Wales Police Force on 17 January, 1949. At the time of his injury he was stationed at Wollongong.