Constable Victor Edward DEVINE


Constable Victor Edward DEVINE

Motor Vehicle Accident


14 August, 1974



About 7.30pm on 13 August, 1974 Constable Devine was riding a Police Special Traffic Patrol solo motor cycle along the Great Western Highway, Westmead. At that time Police Radio VKG advised that a police officer required urgent assistance in Thomas Street, Parramatta. Constable Devine responded, however as he approached the intersection of Hawkesbury Road a panel van made a right turn in front of the police cycle. Such was the impact of the collision that the panel van overturned, injuring the three occupants. Constable Devine suffered severe injuries and died at 1am the following day.


The constable was born in 1950 and joined the New South Wales Police Force on 13 December, 1971. At the time of his death he was attached to the Traffic Branch.

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