Constable William FYFFE

Accidentally Shot


24 January, 1867


On 16 January, 1867 Constable Fyffe was performing gold escort duty on a coach travelling between Bendemeer and Tamworth. It is thought that the shaking of the coach caused a rifle to accidentally discharge, shooting the constable. The wounded constable was left in a shepherd’s hut while the coach continued to Tamworth to obtain medical assistance. Dr Scott of Tamworth provided assistance for the constable, however the wound was to prove fatal and he died the following Thursday. He is sometimes referred to as William Effe.


The Sydney Morning Herald dated 25 January, 1867 reported that news from Tamworth had been received that “Last evening, Constable Fyffe, on gold escort duty, was accidentally shot in the thigh whilst riding in the coach on Moonby Ranges, seven miles from Bendemere. His rifle accidentally discharged, it is supposed, by the shaking of the coach. He was left at a shepherd’s hut. The escort proceeded to Tamworth, and on its arrival there Dr. Scott was immediately started off. Fyffe died from the effects of the wound at noon today. He has left a wife and large family at Singleton.


The constable was born in 1834 and joined the police force on 11 August, 1857. In 1862 he became a member of the newly-formed New South Wales Police Force. At the time of his death he was stationed at Singleton.