Constable William George Gilbert KNIGHT


Constable William George Gilbert KNIGHT

Horse Accident


20 May, 1861


Little has been unearthed about the life and death of Constable Knight, other than some brief information contained in newspaper accounts. The Western Post reported the following on 29th May, 1861.


CASSILIS: From our Correspondent. May 23rd, 1861.

I regret to state that a melancholy accident occurred on Monday last about 5 miles from Cassilis, which terminated fatally Constable Knight, a most active and trustworthy officer, and who has had a great deal of work to do lately, had just returned from Muswellbrook, where he had been sent in charge of the Chinaman who robbed Mr. Piper’s Store, when he was obliged immediately to start for a fresh horse to take to Merriwa other three persons confined in the lockup here. He was returning on Monday afternoon from Rotherwood in company with a young man named Bailey, when his horse fell throwing him a considerable distance over its head. From the time the accident occurred until 2 o’clock on Wednesday morning, when he died, he never once spoke or opened his eyes. He was carefully and skilfully attended by Dr. Morris, but all human efforts proved abortive, lacerations of the brain having taken place. If constable Knight erred it arose from over zeal in the execution of his duty, an error which those who remain are not likely to fall into. He was a meritorious officer, respected and trusted by the better class of society, and by whom his loss will be severely felt. He was buried to-day (Thursday) and leaves a bereaved widow and 5 children.


At the time of his death the constable appears to have been stationed at Cassilis. Further details are as yet unknown.


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