Constable William James WEBB


Constable William James WEBB

Injuries – Motor Vehicle Accident


3 June, 1940


About 4.15pm on 15 July, 1923 Constable Webb was the rider of a police motor cycle outfit in Parramatta Road, Burwood, when he was involved in a collision with a motor vehicle travelling in the opposite direction. As a result the constable suffered a compound fracture of the leg and abrasions to his head and body. The exact cause of the accident was not determined. Due to deteriorating health caused by his injuries, the constable was discharged medically unfit in 1931. He died 17 years later from the effects of staphylococcal pneumonia.


The constable was born in 1891 and joined the New South Wales Police Force on 31 May, 1917. At the time of his injury he was stationed at Burwood.

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