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Constable William THOM


Constable William THOM

Horse Accident


28 August, 1890


On 28 August, 1890 the constable was patrolling on his police horse along the Taralga Road near Goulburn when he was either thrown or fell from his horse and was killed.

Little is known of this event, other than the following account in the:


Sydney Morning Herald of 30 August, 1890.

A fatal accident occurred yesterday on the Taralga Road, about 15 miles from Goulburn. Mounted Constable Thorn [sic], recently appointed to Taralga, had been attending the Quarter Sessions here, and was returning home, when he was thrown from his horse. His dead body was found by Mr Wilkie, contractor, who was coming to Goulburn. In his hand there was some hair, showing that he had grasped the mane. The horse was a young one. Thorn was married about three months ago, and was held in much esteem by the members of the force and the general public. About a fortnight ago he had a narrow escape from being killed through being thrown from a horse.


The constable was born at Burnside, Aberdeenshire, Scotland on 24 December, 1858. His headstone reads ” This monument was erected by Officers and men of the Police Force, Southern District “, and shows his name as Thom and not Thorn.


At the time of his death the constable was stationed at Taralga.


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