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Greg ‘ Cal ‘ Callander
NSWPF # 17463
1975 – 2003


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33 thoughts on “Contact Us

    • Hi Kyle,
      This website is not directly affiliated with an of the Australian Police Forces.
      You would have to direct your enquiry to the website or Customs directly.


  • Hi, what is the difference between the Bachelor of Policing and the Bachelor of Policing (leadership) degrees?

  • Are civilians able to exercise the horses?

  • trying to start up a safe houses in nz for our kids and trying to get hold of someone that runs the Australian one for some help if possible please

  • Who do I have to contact to update the Death records, regarding my father’s information as the information that is shown is wrong.

  • I want to apply for the volunteer in policing. I live in north Sydney . Please advise the area which has vacancy as north Sydney does not have .

    • Hi Rakesh,
      This website is not directly affiliated with NSW Police Force, although we have many currently serving, and retired, members.
      I believe that if you contact 131444 ( P.A.L. ) and ask them, they will direct you to the correct people.


      Retired NSWPF
      1975 – 2004

  • My father was a member of the NSW Mounted Police Redfern stables from 1965-1969.
    We were discussing the names of the horses who were stabled there at the time.
    Were can I find a record of the names please.

    • Hi Jo,

      I would think you would need to contact the Mounted Unit direct, in order to find that info.
      Try them, via the Police Assistance Line on 131444.


  • George White

    I have an 1860 muzzle loading carbine with a captured cleaning rod made by enfield supposedly for mounted police, which i would donate to your museum if interested ,please contact me by email
    George white

  • Olivia Williamson

    Hi, I was wondering if the mounted police would be open to have a work experience student from year 10?

  • Hi My daughter who is in year 10 is looking to do work experience in mounted police force any idea if they do this or who I could contact

  • Hi, I am interested in organising a trip/tour of NSW Mounted Police for our Probus group. I’m wondering how to go about this?

    • Hi Julie,
      If you contact the Police Assistance Line ( PAL ) – 131444 and ask to be transferred to the Mounted Unit – you should be able to make your inquiry direct with them.


  • Dave Harding


    I was wondering about becoming a forensic photographer, my cousin once did it for Tasmania Police, I would love to look into this as well, since i am a photographer from Hobart. I have a passion for forensics, and the likes.

    So was wondering if I could be pointed in the right direction. Thanks.

  • Mark Shuckburgh

    Fraternal greetings to our friends and colleagues in Australia.
    My friend and I are retired Police Officers that were based in Nottinghamshire, England. In May 2019 we started a podcast, mainly for our own amusement, to recount stories from our Police service.Much to our amazement, we find that our podcasts have become very popular with the wider public and we are now listened to in 50 countries around the globe, and are downloaded in their thousands every week. We have been surprised and humbled by the response we have had.In recent times we have started to interview policing and other emergency service colleagues and our listeners enjoy these very much.We cover all sorts of subjects, and can be either amusing or serious in nature. Our aim is to prompt debate and discuss even the most difficult matters openly.We are not for profit and have been promoted through the Thin Blue Line in the UK.We would like to invite your subscribers to listen in and join the debate. They can find us on Spotify, and all leading podcast platforms.If any of your subscribers would like to share your policing experiences, however briefly with our audience, we would love to have them on the show. We can’t promise them fame and fortune, in fact definitely not the fortune!We can found on our facebook page Police-British Bobbies Off The Cuff and we can emailed on Fluckerleaks@gmail.comPlease could you give us a mention on your social media pages, we would love to hear from any of our emergency service colleagues..
    We look forward to hearing from you
    Very Kind Regards
    Mark Shuckburgh
    British Bobbies Off The Cuff

  • carolyn whimpress

    Hi I just did a quick search but couldn’t find my brother’s name here, Glenn Nitschke died 2007, SAPOL. If he isn’t on here I can give you the details to add him.

    • Hi Carolyn,

      Simply send the details and photos to me and I will do his Memorial Post.
      I also have a South Australian Fallen Police FB Group that I will eventually place him into.

      Send the details, basically in the same format as appears on most of the other Memorials on the website to,



  • Dale DJC Cooper

    Request details and/or Form to submit deceased NSWPF member

  • Please see the below from Channel 7’s Sunday Night program. Please share around.


    We want to find out about the culture within the AFP, the preparation and psychological support provided to officers before, during and after deployment. The message these officers are screaming out by taking their lives in their workplaces. Why isn’t this tragic practise being properly addressed by the Commissioner? What is being covered up? Why weren’t these officers provided with the mental health care they desperately needed?

    The AFP’s response seems to be to victim-blame.

    I’ve been told that admitting something is wrong hurts the reputation of the AFP… And the number one priority for the AFP, is to protect the reputation of the AFP.

    Let’s expose what’s really happening within the AFP and force change. Officers need to be supported.

    I am interested in speaking to current and ex-serving AFP officers. Every conversation will be off-the-record until that person decides they want to do an on-camera interview. I would also like to speak to loved ones of those who have tragically taken their own lives because they couldn’t get the help that should have been provided to them.

    I can be reached on 0418 114 084 or via email

    I look forward to hearing from anyone who can provide me with any information that may help.

    Best regards


  • Hi Guys. Have you done a tribute yet to Murray Joseph Garden who took his life with his own gun at Dubbo in the 90’s. Jo was a family man with a wife and young kids who suffered for years with depression etc.

  • Hi – I was searching for information on the NSW police and this was one of the finds. It is an excellent site with plenty of information. I’m an author and was wondering if from time to time I could ask a few questions about procedures and techniques in order to accurately depict crime scenes and investigations.

  • How to check whether a person has currently active AVO or not ?

    • Hi,
      A butterfly knife is still a butterfly knife – whether it be for training or not. Sorry.

  • Gabriella Scandurra

    I visited the snow fields in July 2018 and I lost my keys somehwhere in the car park at Perisher valley. I regularly called the snow fields to see if it had been found and in the final call I made they said to call Jindabyne police station. I really should have contacted you back then but didn’t think about it. SO I am contacting you now to see if by chance they were handed in and if you still have them. They are a large pack of keys and the most distinguishing feature is that they have a toyota keyless key and a Hyundai key attached to them and then a whole heap (about 8) normal keys.
    Could you please let me know if there has been anything like this at your station?

    • Hi Gabriella,

      Yep, a looong time.
      This website is not directly affiliated with NSW Police but I can tell you that if keys had been handed in, they would have – no doubt – simply gone into a draw in the Station – amongst the hundreds of other keys.
      This is / was the system at many police stations and, without any identifying documentation attached to the keys, they would have simply gone into the draw.

      I would suggest that you either phone Jindy Police Station, via the Police Assistance Line ( 131 444 ). Ask to be transferred during they day and someone “might” have a look through the draw for you. Your other option is to call into the Police Stn if you are ever down that way again.

      Site owner

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