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Crime Prevention Officers


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Crime Prevention Officers (CPO’s) liaise with the community and oversight and implement key operational programs and projects.

A CPO has been appointed to work on community safety in each of the Police Force’s 80 Local Area Commands (LAC).

These officers provide a mechanism to link community consultation and program development to operational deployment and strategic direction in LAC’s. CPO’s carry out a range of tasks which include:

  • conducting environmental scans (including community safety audits),
  • assisting Local Area Commanders to oversight and implement key operational policing and projects,
  • working with other police liaison officers, eg: Domestic Violence Liaison Officers, Ethnic Liaison Officers, Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officers,
  • coordinating Volunteers in Policing to work on a range of projects,
  • developing partnerships with the community,
  • liaising with other government and non-government agencies, eg: local councils.

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