Crime Prevention Tips – Burglary

Community Safety – Make A Burglar Welcome……

10 Ways To Make A Burglar Welcome……..

  1. Don’t engrave any valuables such as cameras and appliances with your name and licence number – it’s easier for a burglar to pass off the goods as his or her own if you haven’t marked them as yours.
  2. Don’t fit a peep hole in the front door or install automatic lights in the garden or carport, you may make the burglar more noticeable and scare him off altogether.
  3. When you go out for the evening, make sure you leave a few doors and windows unlocked – especially Landry and bathroom windows. It’s good for ventilation and burglars prefer entry points that are nicely hidden from the street.
  4. If you’re doing something noisy in the home like vacuuming, leave an outside door open so burglars can come in without you noticing.
  5. Put keys in easy to find places, such as under the mat or in a pot plant – burglars hate it when you leave the key with a trusted neighbour!
  6. When you go on holiday, make sure you leave the home looking empty so burglars will know it’s a good place to break in. Useful signs for burglars include: an overflowing mailbox, a silent home with drawn curtains, no lights on at night, overgrown lawns, newspapers piling up, and no car in the driveway.
  7. Leave plenty of cash around – it’s a special treat for burglars to find if they do break in and it can’t be traced.
  8. Make it easy for burglars to escape from the home with big items such as televisions, computers and stereos by choosing not to install double-keyed deadlocks to all perimeter doors and key operated locks to all accessible windows. Importantly, don’t install alarm systems and security doors, these are a definite no for the poor burglar.
  9. Provide outside ladders and trellises to make it easy for burglars to climb in to the house.
  10. Keep your garden rambling and thick to provide good cover for burglars. And don’t fit skylights with locks, this makes it too difficult for burglars to get in.