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New South Wales Police Force


Stations:  Balmain

Born about 1869

48 old

Suicide – firearm

Died 15 June 1917

Funeral  18 June 1917  Buried in Rookwood Cemetery

Buried in Presbyterian Section 5C, Grave # 0007686


Evening News ( Sydney )  Thursday  21 June 1917  page 4 of 8


At the City Coroner’s Court, an inquest was held by Mr. Hawkins, City Coroner, ? the death of Dan Travers, 48, a police sergeant, who lived in Catherine-street, Leichhardt.

Evidence was given that Travers ? over some trouble in the Police ?   and was also suffering from the ?       received while arresting a man ?       was stationed at Balmain, was ?       paddock off Austenham-road, Leichhardt ?       Friday last, with a bullet wound in ?         and a revolver by his side.

A verdict of suicide was returned.

The above article was faded and hard to read – resulting in the question marks in relation to words now being readable.



Daily Advertiser ( Wagga Wagga )   Friday  22 June 1917  page 3 of 4


SYDNEY. Thursday.

At the inquest concerning the death of Police Sergeant Dan Travers, who was found shot with a rifle in the right temple, his widow stated that up to the time of his death he had been off duty over trouble in the Police Department. He was worried over the inquiry   connected with it. He also suffered from an injury received through a man he was arresting some time ago kicking   him.

A verdict of suicide was returned



Evening News ( Sydney )  Wednesday  20 April 1904  page 3 of 8




On the evening of March 15, Alfred Grosvenor Boswood visited the residence of Thomas Joseph Hargraves, a carpenter, residing in Lodge   street, Forest Lodge, and asked for his wife, who was staying there. Mrs. Hargraves opened the door, and Boswood attempted to strike her.

She screamed, and Mr. Hargraves ran to his wife’s assistance, and Boswood attacked him with a knife. A struggle ensued, during which Hargraves was stabbed in several places. Boswood then went upstairs to his wife’s room, but   on hearing him coming she leaped over the balcony, and sustained severe injuries. Boswood   then proceeded to the kitchen, and cut his own throat. He was removed to Prince Alfred Hospital, and was an inmate till 12th instant.

At the Glebe Court yesterday, before Mr. C. N. Payten, S.M., Boswood appeared to answer a charge of maliciously wounding Thomas Joseph Hargraves, on March 15.

Mr. J. W. Abigail appeared for accused. Senior-constable Grice deposed that at 6.45 p.m. on 15th of last month he was summoned to No. 15 Lodge-street, Forest Lodge. He entered the back yard, accompanied by Constable   Travers, and saw accused with a wound in his throat, and a quantity of blood on his clothing. Travers took Boswood to the hospital. Witness then entered the premises and found in the kitchen the table-knife (produced). There were   blood stains on the floor of the kitchen and the passage. Accused remained in the hospital till   the 12th instant.

Dr. Vivian Bengafield stated that he examined Hargraves on the evening of the 12th ultimo, at Prince Alfred Hospital, and found an incised wound under his chin about 2½in long, and about half an inch deep. There was also a small wound on the right side of his neck, half an inch in length, and one inch deep. There was a scratch on his breastbone, a superficial wound on his left arm about 3in long, and a small cut on each hand. Accused was suffering from two deep wounds in his throat, one of   them going almost to his backbone, just above the windpipe, and the other wound was just above that, and was running along below the   jaw. He did not think accused was quite sane at the time he was admitted. It was impossible for him to say if it was due to insanity or intemperance, as Boswood was breathing through the wound. From subsequent observations he would say that accused was insane —   even at present.

Mrs. Janet Hargraves stated she was the wife of Thos. Joseph Hargraves, and resided in Lodge street. At about 6.15 p.m. on March 15 there was a knock at the front door. She opened it, and saw Boswood there. He pushed the door, and tried to strike her with a knife. Witness screamed, and ran into the back, and thence to the corner hotel, and sent for the police. She returned, and in her bedroom she saw the accused, who again tried to strike her. She again ran out. When accused came to the door, he said, ‘You have my wife here,’ and before she could reply he tried to strike her.

The story told by Thomas Hargraves was to the effect that on hearing his wife scream he rushed to see what was the matter. Accused was standing in the hall, and when asked what he wanted he made no reply. Witness ordered him out of the house, and Boswood stabbed him on the arm. A long struggle then ensued, during which witness was stabbed in the neck and on the breast. He tried to pull the knife from accused, and finding he could not do so, he endeavoured to break it, but did not   succeed. He afterwards called for assistance, as he was bleeding freely, and was beginning to feel faint. He got off the accused, and left him lying on the floor. Witness was afterwards taken to the hospital.

Constable Dan Travers deposed that it was well known to him as a policeman that accused needed watching. He did so, and complaints were made to him about Boswood. He advised Mrs. Boswood to get a warrant out for her   husband, and to have him bound over to keep the peace. Witness stated that, in his opinion, accused was what is vulgarly known as ‘ratty‘.” He had heard that the fact that Boswood’s wife had left him preyed on his mind, and he had himself seen him crying about his children. Accused always had a wild lock, and on the night of his arrest he was very peculiar, and was shouting out, and talking in a wild way, until he fainted. On coming to, Boswood’s first words were: “Where is   my wife”

This concluded the evidence, and accused was committed for trial. Bail was not applied for. Mr C. N. Payten, S.M., recommended that accused should be placed under medical observation.|||sortby=dateAsc#pstart12208036



The Sydney Morning Herald   Monday  18 June 1917  page 5 of 12

TRAVERS – The Funeral of the late Sergeant DAN TRAVERS, of 37 Catherine-street, Leichhardt, will   leave our Mortuary Chapel, 810 George-street, city, THIS   DAY, at 9.30am, for Rookwood Cemetery.



TRAVERS. – The Friends of Mrs. TRAVERS and FAMILY, of Catherine-street, Leichhardt, are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their late HUSBAND and FATHER, Sergeant Dan Travers ; to leave Wood, Coffill’s Funeral Parlours, 810 George-street, THIS   DAY, MONDAY, at 9.30, for Rookwood Cemetery.|||sortby=dateAsc



Leader ( Orange, NSW )  Wednesday  20 June 1917  page 5 of 6

Police Sergeant Dan Travers, 48, formerly of Leichhardt police district was found dead with a bullet wound to his head, in a paddock off Austenham road, Leichhardt, on Friday afternoon.

The discovery was made by David Miller, of Leichhardt. who also found a six chambered revolver, containing five cartridges and one empty shell near the body.|||sortby=dateAsc#pstart13052494



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