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Funeral  20 July 1914



The Sydney Morning Herald  Tuesday  21 July 1914  page 10 of 16

The funeral of the late Sub-Inspector Davis, of the Redfern division of the police, took place yesterday at Waverley Cemetery. There was a large attendance of members of the police force, among others being Superintendent Mitchell (representing the Inspector-General) and Superintendent Goulder, Inspectors McLean, Brooke, Spence, Childs, Kendall, Kelly, and Brack ;

Sub-Inspectors McCrimmon, Jones, Bannon, Stephens, Spence, Branston, Gumley, Fullerton, and Baxter; Senior-Sergeants O’Dea, Mankey, Sherwood, Evans, Doig, Allen, King, and Smith;

Sergeants Harrison, Hamilton, Sexton, Walker, and Bennett;

Senior-Constables Ross, Roche, Scott, Curtis, Morrow, Paine, Hickey, Leonard, and Archinall;

Constables Philpott, Anderson, Comans, James, Collins, Gillard, Davy,   Jackson, Gilbert, Cummings, Laycock, Hargrave, Healey. McCormick, Shanahan, Keogh, Moylan, Bowman, King, Walker, Williams, Spencer, Asquith, Jackson, Hollis, Wood,

Detective Moore, Ex-Superintendent Sherwood, ex-Sergeant Meehan, ex-S.C. Trinder, ex S.C. Burke.

Among the civilians present were Messrs. T. P. D. Holden, M.L.C., M. McCabe, A. E. Powell.

At the cemetery gates about 100 members of the police force assembled, and followed the hearse to the grave. After the usual burial service a Masonic service was conducted by Bro. Rees, W.M., of the Lodge Zetland Australia.




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