Denis Walter CHALKER

Denis Walter CHALKER

AKA  ?

Late of Gold Coast, Qld

NSW Redfern Police Academy Class #  131

New South Wales Police Force

Regd. #  15310

Rank:  Probationary Constable – appointed 19 June 1972

Constable 1st Class – appointed 19 June 1977

Sergeant 3rd Class – appointed 31 December 1987

Inspector – appointed ? July 1994 ( OIC Moorebank Patrol )

Final Rank = Inspector

Stations?, Campbelltown ( 1982 ), Liverpool Licencing ( 22 Division ), Eagle Vale ( 35 Division ), Patrol Commander – Moorebank Patrol ( O.I.C. ), McArthur District – Ingleburn, Liverpool ( 22 Division ) – Retirement

Service:  From ? ? pre June 1972  to 17 September 1998 =  26+ years Service

Awards National Medal – granted 7 November 1988 ( SenCon )

1st Clasp to National Medal – granted 20 November 1998 ( Insp )

Born: Wednesday  8 September 1943

Died on: Tuesday  3 September 2019

Age: 75 yrs 11 mths 26 days

Cause: Cerebral Haemorrhage ( mowing his lawn )

Event location: Home

Event date:  Tuesday  3 September 2019

Funeral date:  Wednesday  11 September 2019 @ 11am

Funeral location:  Southport Church of Christ, 1 Griffith St, Southport, Qld

Wake location91 Currey Road, WONGAWALLAN, Qld

Funeral Parlour: TBA

Buried at: TBA

Memorial located at: TBA

Denis Walter CHALKER

Denis Walter CHALKER

Denis Walter CHALKER

Denis Walter CHALKER

Denis Walter CHALKER

Denis Walter CHALKER

Denis Walter CHALKER

Denis Walter CHALKER


DENIS is NOT mentioned on the Police Wall of Remembrance  *NEED MORE INFO

Funeral location: 



May they forever Rest In Peace


Denis collapsed from a Cerebral Haemorrhage, at home, whilst mowing his lawn.



25 October 1989
Moorebank Police Patrol.

It commenced with the appointment of an Inspector and 18 Police, transferred from the Liverpool Patrol.

Originally, Moorebank Patrol had no established station (building) and the Department attempted (unsuccessfully) to operate it from Liverpool Police Station. As this was proving unsuccessful, they leased 29 and 31 Derna Road, Holsworthy. Here the NSW Police opened the Moorebank Police Station, covering the suburbs of – Moorebank, Holsworthy, Hammondville, Sandy Point, Voyager Point, Chipping Norton, and the Army Camp, which were previously under Liverpool Police.

Its first Commander was Inspector Fred Brame, the Patrol Tactician Senior Sergeant Leslie Wales, with Christine Touchard, the Personal Assistant.

Insp Brame, upon promotion moved on. He was replaced by Detective Acting Inspector R. Myers, until he was promoted and moved on.

Detective Acting Inspector Allan Tayler then relieved in this position for a short period.

Acting Inspector Denis Chalker then relieved in the position for about 6 months, while the position was advertised.

Denis Chalker was then appointed to the rank of Inspector (7/1994) and appointed Commander of the Moorebank Patrol.

Upon the promotion and transfer of Leslie Wales, in 4/1994,
Detective Senior Sergeant John Stanioch was appointed Patrol Tactician.

Stanioch was promoted to Inspector in March, 1995, which resulted in his transfer to the Macarthur District Office as the Staff Officer – Operations and Intelligence.

Some of the staff attached to Moorebank were Mark Pulford; Nick Bingham; Michael Kennedy; Jason Hyatt; Paul Carlton; Peter Walsh; Graham Rea; Mark Deller; Brian Hughes; Terry Cullen; Gary Heskett; Annette Wheatley; Neville Ticehurst; Christina O’Hagan; Alan McPherson; Rod Hay; Pat Paroz; Shane Green; Rob Gleeson; Deanne Abbott; Matt Newton; Akos Lukas; Michael Masterson; David Gray; Brian Bain; Fiona Jackson; and Maureen Kennedy was the senior Public Servant, assisted by Wendy Aitchison.

Then in 1995, the “I” District Commander (later renamed Macarthur District) Chief Superintendent Phil Hopkins recalled the Detectives back to Liverpool Police Station and within the next 18 months, the Moorebank Police Station was closed and all staff returned to Liverpool and other locations.

Rental Lease was $15,600 per annum on the two buildings that police occupied.

Source: NSW Police Annual Report 1989-1990 and NSW Police Service Annual Report 1990-1991.

Cited: Liverpool ( NSW ) Police Time Line ( 1788 – 2016 ) p 336


September 1998:

Liverpool Police Inspector Denis. W. Chalker retires from the New South Wales Police Force, while attached to Liverpool, after 26 years of service.

He was sworn-in in June, 1972. During his career he worked at Liverpool on three different periods. The first from July, 1973 to July, 1974, on General Duties, then August 1986 to September, 1990 in the Licensing Section.

During this period Inspector Chalker was involved in the high
profile case of the 10 day sequestration of Paul Galea’s Egg Farm at Prestons, which drew national media attention as the court case continued for many years. Then he returned to Liverpool as a Duty Officer from July, 1997 to September, 1998.

Upon retirement, he formed a ‘Handyman’ business and was involved in retail.

Source: New South Wales Police News Magazine. December, 1998 and Denis Chalker.

Cited: Liverpool ( NSW ) Police Time Line ( 1788 – 2016 ) p 336







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