District Police Reports 1835

In 1835 the government held an inquiry into the conditions of the police services in New South Wales. It asked for a written report from every District so that it could study and make changes where needed.
Below are some of those written reports. In them you will read as it was back in those days, and the hardships that were part of being responsible for the every-day running of those Districts.

The Committee (consisting of the Colonial Secretary, the Attorney General, Mr Berry, H. H. M’Arthur, and Mr Bell ) was appointed to “..enquire into and report upon the establishment and strength of the Police Force and all it’s branches, to what extent it may be expedient to maintain it, and the expense it will occasion, and to enquire into the capacity and condition of the Gaols in the colony, and to report what additional buildings appear to be required, and the probably expense of providing them..” .

Argyle 1835 – Conditions Report

Maitland 1835 – Conditions Report
Bathurst 1835 – Conditions Report Parramatta 1835 – Conditions Report
Goulburn 1835 – Conditions Report Patricks Plains 1835 – Conditions Report
Goulburn (south west)1835 – Conditions Report Windsor 1835 – Conditions Report
Invermien 1835 – Conditions Report Yass Plains 1835 – Conditions Report
Wollongong 1835 – Conditions Report