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District Police Reports 1835


In 1835 the government held an inquiry into the conditions of the police services in New South Wales. It asked for a written report from every District so that it could study and make changes where needed.
Below are some of those written reports. In them you will read as it was back in those days, and the hardships that were part of being responsible for the every-day running of those Districts.

The Committee (consisting of the Colonial Secretary, the Attorney General, Mr Berry, H. H. M’Arthur, and Mr Bell ) was appointed to “..enquire into and report upon the establishment and strength of the Police Force and all it’s branches, to what extent it may be expedient to maintain it, and the expense it will occasion, and to enquire into the capacity and condition of the Gaols in the colony, and to report what additional buildings appear to be required, and the probably expense of providing them..” .

Argyle 1835 – Conditions Report

Maitland 1835 – Conditions Report
Bathurst 1835 – Conditions Report Parramatta 1835 – Conditions Report
Goulburn 1835 – Conditions Report Patricks Plains 1835 – Conditions Report
Goulburn (south west)1835 – Conditions Report Windsor 1835 – Conditions Report
Invermien 1835 – Conditions Report Yass Plains 1835 – Conditions Report
Wollongong 1835 – Conditions Report


5 thoughts on “District Police Reports 1835

  • Senior Sgt Hugh Abercrombie NSW Police The Rocks, Balmain, North Sydney. Arrived from Ireland to Australia around 1850. There are no archives for North Sydney during his time as a Policeman. Why?

    • Hi Sarah,
      There are no archives for North Sydney because this website is not directly affiliated with NSWPF but is the sole work of a retired NSWPF Member over 21+ years.
      The only reference I have to a Hugh Abercrombie is as an Executor named in relation to the Will, following the death of Henry TUBMAN.
      Any information you have on Hugh, or any other Policeman, or North Sydney Police, I would be more than happy ( when time permits ) to place any research you may have – upon the website to honour our fallen Police.

      As an aside, Hugh ABERCROMBIE was born 1839 in Ireland and commenced with NSW Police as a Probationary Constable on 24 February 1865 with a Registered number of 1565.


      • Sarah Amanda Abercrombie-Mills

        Thanks Cal.
        Mr Tubman whom requested Snr Sgt Hugh Abercrombie to be his executor of his Will.
        Most likely came from The Ulster Regions.
        County Cavan.
        On the sad deaths of Sinead’ O’ Conner 2023 & her very young son in 2022.
        Her Music spoke, and speaks volumes.
        May they both with Father S.F. Cooney, R.I.P.
        County Cavan Ireland to York WA. [ recently deceased]
        Sadly October 3, 1988.
        1992, I never knew Until O’Connor’s recent death.
        I probably saw her do that tear up the Pope on TV in either NZ or AU. But didn’t at the time, put two & two together.
        What of Mary McWilliam, Hugh Abercrombie’s wife.
        Her lifetime also was disregarded and not recorded.
        I can imagine, she did alot for Snr Sgt Hugh Abercrombie.
        As his friend, Wife, Confidant and Primitive Methodist Mum, and North Sydney Community Member.

  • Gloria Biddle

    This js my Grandfather unfortunately only knew of him. My father apparently was disowned by his family because his son Edward married my mother who was considered ‘not good enough’ pity because I have grown up not know my Grandparents and not knowing my father who was killed in WW2

    • Hello, Gloria Biddle. Many thanks, for your reply. Are you able to be a bit more specific? Is your father BIDDLE? Or an Abercrombie? I’m assuming your father is a son of Hugh & Mary, ? and you are saying their was a family rift? Because your father is an Abercrombie? Or Biddle? Had a son called Edward? Who married? Female [ nee] ? Or was she the Abercrombie [female, nee] and Edward is the Biddle?.
      Are you aware of where, Hugh Came from in Ireland. ? Have you also looked him up in Baronage & Peerage. UK. He had a rough time working for the NSW Police, from the Rocks, Balmain and North Sydney. I did do some research on his trials & tribulations with the Locals, and a Navy Sailor. Even a Mrs Smith, gave him a bashing on the streets of Sydney.
      I’d like to know who Mary McWilliam was, before she married Hugh.
      As a young Woman. Who were her family?
      I’m thinking, My Fathers Ancestors may well be cousins of This Hugh Abercrombie and his ancestors. Because of the close Counties, of their families in the Country they emigrated from. Snr Sgt Hugh Abercrombie to Australia. Hugh to New Zealand. I hope you reply.
      Its been an interesting look back, into how our folks thought, how they lived , and the families they married. Into as Mum put it ” Well to do families”.
      I wonder whom introduced Mum, to Dad. Because they have surnames, that can be found in the 1700’s, in the UK in the same year in Parliament House voting on Scotland’s independence. One said Yae, and one said Nae.
      I’ve just found her line leads to some very very old Scottish Clans and the House of Stuarts [Stewarts] and Lindsay’s. No wonder she was so Hooity Tooity.
      Which amused me greatly. Sadly she has recently pass away.
      And Carolyn Rickard, [ nee: S] from Te Awamutu to Palmerston North NZ, she, has a lot of explaining to do. About my eldest daughter as time reveals, what I didn’t know. Then. [1984].


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