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Queensland Police Force


Stationed at Yeulba ( Yuleba )

Suicide – firearm

Died  4 September 1907



Constable’s Death.

The Chief Inspector of Police at Brisbane has received a telegram intimating that on the 4th instant Constable E. F. T. Crampton who was stationed at Yeulba, entered his ofiice and shot himself with his revolver. The district inspector has gone to Yeulba to investigate. Constable Crampton who was a married man with a wife and family had been transferred to Yeulba a few days ago from the Charleville district where he had been doing relieving duty.

The Brisbane Courier ( Qld )  Saturday  7 September 1907  page 4 of 16|||l-australian=y#pstart1557900



Magisterial Inquiry.

As inquiry was held before Mr. Wm. Harris, P.M., at Yeulba on Friday into the death of Constable Crampton, who committed suicide by shooting himself with a revolver on Thursday morning last.

The evidence of George Howe, a contractor at Yeulba, was to the effect that he had been occupied about a week repairing the police buildings, and that deceased arrived there on 27th August. Deceased appeared low spirited, and complained of having no sleep. In the middle of a conversation he would get up and walk away. On the 3rd, deceased picked up a cartridge, which he put in his mouth, exclaiming “Bang.” On the 4th, a man in Howe’s employ told Howe the constable was walking about with a revolver in his hand. Howe went to the constable and asked him what he wanted to be playing with the revolver for, and Crampton remarked, ” It is very tempting being under my nose.” Later he put the revolver in a pigeon hole. That was the last time he saw Crampton alive. The following morning Howe and Darr found him dead on the floor of his room.

Masy Crampton, widow of deceased, deposed that her husband had been very worried over business matters. He had left the police and gone into business at Oakey, but bad lost money and rejoined the force. Later he was transferred to Charleville and Yeulba. In his letters to her he complained of the idea of having to take his family to Charlevill, also of having no sleep. He was a temperate man.

Henry Darr, H. McLoughlin, J.P., Constable Joyce, Dr. Pratt (Government medical officer), and several others gave evidence.

Western Star & Roma Advertiser ( Toowoomba, Qld ) 

Wednesday  11 September 1907  page 3 of 4|||l-australian=y#pstart10174906



Yeulba / Yuleba Police Station no longer exists but was possibly in Stephenson St, Yuleba, Qld, 4427.

It was located in the Maranoa & Warrego Division, consisted of 2 cells, with the walls made from wood, the roof of iron and was built in 1881.



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