New South Wales Police Force


Attempt Suicide – firearm





Sudden Death of a Sub-Inspector’s Wife.

Attempted Suicide of the Husband.

Sydney, Monday.

Barrier Miner ( Broken Hill )  Monday  20 July 1896  page 2 of 4

A telegram from Orange reports that at the police barracks there Mrs. Ford, wife of Sub-Inspector Ford, who was suffering from an affection of the heart, was suddenly seized with a fit. Doctor Crase was called in and found that the patient had become nearly exhausted by violent spasms. He went for some chloroform to be administered to her, but on his return, after only a few seconds absence, he found that Mrs. Ford had died from syncope in the interim. Inspector Ford had been sent for and arrived a few minutes before his wife’s death.   He was distracted with grief and fired three shots from his revolver in an attempt to take his own life. One shot struck him in the jaw but inflicted no serious injury ; the others missed. The inspector, however, lies seriously ill from grief and shock.