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Gary James LAMBERT


 Gary James LAMBERT

AKA  Nutty

Son of former NSWPF member, Gordon Charles LAMBERT # 8066 ( R.I.P. )

Late of  Terrigal

NSW Police Cadet # 3315

NSW Redfern Police Academy Class # ???

New South Wales Police Force

Probationary Constable # 92281

Regd. #  18216

Rank: NSW Police Cadet – commenced 1 February 1977

Probationary Constable – appointed 8 August 1978

Senior Constable – appointed 8 August 1987

Final Rank = Senior Constable

Stations:  Hornsby, Gosford – School Lecturing – Public Relations – Neighbourhood Watch, Terrigal G.D’s – Death

ServiceFrom  1 February 1977  to  4 March 1995 = 18+ years Service

Awards:   National Medal – granted 2 February 1995

Born:   Saturday  8 August 1959

Died on:  Saturday 4 March 1995


Cause:   Drowned in heavy surf whilst teaching Junior Life Savers.

Due to the heavy surf, Nutty wasn’t found for 3 days.

Event location:  Terrigal Point, Terrigal

Event date:   Saturday  4 March 1995

Funeral date:   ? ? ?

Funeral location:   St Mark’s Anglican Church, Terrigal

Wake location:  ?

Funeral Parlour:  ?

Buried at:   Cremated.  Ashes spread, off Police Launch ? – from Brooklyn, at Terrigal Beach & Wamberal Beach

 Memorial located at:   1:  Wamberal Surf Club:  The Restaurant of the Surf Club has a room named in Memory of Gary Lambert who was an active and Life Member of that Club.

2:  the annual Gary Lambert Nutty Masters carnival at Wamberal Beach for over 30’s


NUTTY is NOT mentioned on the Police Wall of Remembrance  *NEED MORE INFO


 Funeral location TBA



May they forever Rest In Peace

“Nutty” had joined the Wamberal Surf Life Saving Club as a ‘Junior’ and became a legend in his ability to handle big seas.
He was also a committee man, for the club, for 15 years and represented the club in Central Coast and NSW teams.
In his later years he turned to coaching at both Nipper and Senior level.
Gary enriched the lives of everyone he came in contact with, and he is sorely missed by the club and his mates.
A true Hero of the Surf.
Wamberal Surf Life Saving Club have named their ‘Masters Carnival’ the “Nutty Masters Carnival” for 30’s plus and, in 2017 was in it’s 22nd year.
Gary’s Grandfather’s nickname was “Nutty”.  He nicknamed his son – Gordon Charles LAMBERT “Nutty”.  Gordon Charles LAMBERT was a NSWPF member ( Regd # 8066 ).  Gordon nicknamed his son, Gary, “Nutty” also.  It would appear that the male lineage of this family had the “larican personality” which earned them the nickname of “Nutty”.
“Nutty” ( Gary ) is also credited as the Founder of the Wamberal Savers Rugby Club which was started in 1985.
That Club eventually ‘folded’ but one of Nutty’s son’s – Billy ( who was 18 at the time ), as a Tribute to his father, restarted the Club in 2015 and the new Club went on to win the Premiership in 2018.

Retired NSWPF member Hugh Hargreave, who worked with Nutty at Terrigal, sitting inside the restaurant at Wamberal Surf Club - reminiscing about his mate <br />
Retired NSWPF member Hugh Hargreave, who worked with Nutty at Terrigal, sitting inside the restaurant at Wamberal Surf Club – reminiscing about his mate – 2016.



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  • Sat next to Garry in primary school
    Later on high school bus
    Great friend


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