Gregory John ‘ Pin ‘ ALLEN

New South Wales Police Force

Sworn in at Goulburn Police Academy – 1984

Regd. # 21943

Born  26 May 1956

Died  17 April 2014

57 old

Funeral – held on 29 April 2014 at Greenway Chapel, 460 Avoca Dve, Green Point at 2pm

Committal service held at Palmdale Crematorium, Palmdale Rd, Palmdale, NSW.


Gregory John ALLEN, 57 old, former Regd. No. 21943, non RPA member of Kariong.

Gregory John ALLEN - photo 1

Gregory John ALLEN - photo 2 - Gradutation 1984

Graduation – 1984

Gregory John ALLEN - photo 4

With his daughter

Gregory John ALLEN - photo 5

Gregory John ALLEN - photo 3

2009 at his daughters wedding

Dad’s final goodbye

I would like say thank you to each and every one of you for attending today.
Tell me how do you say goodbye to someone you would without a second thought give up some of your own life for them to live.
Knowing my dad he would never accept it and say ” don’t you worry about me sweetheart ”
Dad was gentle and patient. I never heard him yell, have an angry tone or even raise his voice.
Dad would ring me every year on my birthday and tell me the same two stories. The day i was born, and the other in the wee hours of the morning dad got me my milk and i returned the favor and got him his beer and we watched cartoons.
When i was young you were my superman. Strong, handsome, my protector, and you caught bad guys.
I guess every superhero gets older and needs a helping hand, because that’s the day you knocked at my door.
For the past 2 years it has been my honor, my greatest pleasure to be there for you, to love and care for you.
We shared so much in such a short time.
You held your head up high as you walked me down the isle.
we went to our favorite cafe every week and ordered the same thing.
Brought so many dvds the sanity lady knew who we were.
Spent Christmas’s together your favorite time of year.
You shared stories from work some funny and ones that brought tears to your eyes.
I would like to share with you the most precious memory, the last time we saw dad.
Thursday morning the kids and i went to dads. i needed to help dad get dressed. I told him ” lean on me dad i won’t let you fall ”
Once settled I said ” i have a surprise for you ”
it was a copy of crocodile dun dee one of dads favorites that we had downloaded for him. Dads face lit up the room.
watched the movie
it was time to go the kids said ” bye i love you grandpa ”
Dakota hugged him.
I told dad ” i love you so much dad ”
dad replied ” i love you to sweetheart ”
“” i see you tomorrow dad ”
i blew dad a kiss as i was leaving, he smiled and blew one back.
our last gift to each other was our last i love yous in person.
the most precious gift of all.
Dad i love and miss you more then my heart can bear.
kristy xoxoxoxo

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