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New South Wales Police Force

NSW Police Academy Penrith or Redfern Class # ???

Regd. # ???

Rank:  Probationary Constable – appointed 18 November 1938

Constable – appointed ? ? ?

Constable 1st Class – appointed ? ? ?

Senior Constable – appointed ? ? ?

Final Rank:  Senior Constable

Stations?, Lismore ( 1945 ), ?,  Paddington ( 1951 ), Vaucluse – Lock-Up-Keeper ( a SenCon Jenkings was there in Jan 1954 )

Service:  From pre 18 November 1938  to  ? ? ? = ? Years Service

Awards:  No Find on Australian Honours

Royal Humane Society Medal – Lismore flood rescues

Born? ? 1917 – ’18

Died on:  Thursday  20 August 1959



Funeral date:  Monday  24 August 1959

Funeral location?

Buried at:  Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park, 12 Military Rd, Matraville, NSW

Plot:  Roman Catholic  FM 29C, Position 876 

HARRY is NOT mentioned on the Police Wall of Remembrance  *NEED MORE INFO

Erected in memory of Harry Jenkings, Senior Constable N.S.W. Police Force who by his gallant rescues and conduct as a policeman and citizen endeared himself to the people of the municipality of Woollahara. 1959. A.F. Ryan, Town Clerk. Alan Frost, Mayor
Erected in memory of Harry Jenkings, Senior Constable N.S.W. Police Force who by his gallant rescues and conduct as a policeman and citizen endeared himself to the people of the municipality of Woollahra. 1959. A.F. Ryan, Town Clerk. Alan Frost, Mayor.


Located at the intersection of Marine Rd & Robertson Pce, Watsons Bay, NSW.

Monument is to the right of the pole and left of the long wall.
Monument is to the right of the pole and left of the long wall.

Lat: -33.84494732601713
Long: 151.28158624477464
Note: GPS Coordinates are exact.

exact location of monument:


The Catholic Press ( Sydney )

Thursday  24 November 1938     page 15 of 44

Celebrates Entry Into Police Force.

To celebrate his entry into the Police Force, Mr. Harry Jenkings, of Oakley-road, Bondi, who was one of the batch sworn-in on Friday, 18th inst., was tendered a party on the following day ( Saturday 19th ), by a member of his friends.Mrs. W. T. Jenkings, Harry ‘s mother, arranged an enjoyable evening’s programme, which included musical items, dancing and games, and songs were given by Mrs. Jenkings and Frank Jenkings.Amongst those present were: Mrs.   E. Golby, Misses J. McCaskie, N. Gibson, B. Herrington, M. Paynter, M. Newman, N. Simpson, B. Simpson, M. Simpson, V. Cummins, P. Crowley, N. Golby, J. James, N. Josephs, M. Blocker, M. Nagel, J. Vidler, E. Griffin, P. Rice, J. Cusack, Y. Moore,  P. Dunkley, L. Palmer, Messrs. T. O ‘Halloran, K. Peoples, W. Jenkings, N. Peoples,  J. Jenkings, E. Chapman, F. McPhillips, A. Gillian, B. Gillian, C. Gillian, B. Walsh, J. Wesslink, V. Murphy, M. Crowley, D. Quinn, F. Horan, F. Delohery, J. Duggan, and Constable Dick McMahon.


The Catholic Press ( Sydney )

Thursday  2 February 1939  page 9 of 44

Engagement and Coming-of-age.

The engagement was announced at her coming-of-age party on the evening of Wednesday, 1st inst., of Miss Noreen Simpson, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Simpson, of Bondi, to Mr. William Jenkings, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Jenkings, also of Bondi. The celebration was held at the home of Mr. Jenkings.Miss Simpson is a vice-president on the ladies’ social committees of the Bondi Amateur Swimming Club and the Bondi Surf Club, and Mr. Jenkings is social secretary of the latter organisation, so the engagement will be of special interest in surfing circles.During supper Mr. A. McCarthy, after congratulating Miss Simpson on her coming of-age, proposed the toast of the engaged couple, and Mr. Jenkings responded. Mr. Harry Jenkings was M.C.Amongst others present were Misses Beryl and Marge Simpson, Joan Egerton, Joan Cusack, Naney Lucas, M. Maxwell, Betty Wood, Jessie Couldwell, Phyllis Culbert, Norrie Harford, Doreen O’Meagher, Enid Moore; Messrs. Bill, Harry, Jack and Frank Jenkings, Eric Chapman, Carl Jeppesen, Harry Goldstein, Cedrie Culbert, Owen Doerner, Reg. Jones, Arthur McCarthy, Jack Morley, Lou Isaacs, W. Wildensehn, Mr. and Mrs. J. Culbert,. jun. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Walsh, Mr.     and Mrs. Syd. Price, Mr. and Mrs. W. Newman, Mr. and Mrs. A. Smallwood, Mr. and Mrs. G. Simpson, Mesdames Lemmon,   McCarthy, Culbert. Mesdames Jenkings and Simpson were the hostesses.


The Catholic Press ( Sydney )

Thursday  18 April 1940   page 18 of 41

Wedding at St. Anne’s.


On Saturday, 30th ult., a pretty wedding was celebrated in St. Anne’s, Bondi, between Miss Noreen Simpson, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Simpson, Bondi,  and Mr. William Jenkings, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Jenkings, Bondi.  Rev. Father P. J. Frost officiated. The bride wore ivory satin, cut on princess lines. The bridesmaids were Misses Norrie Herford, Beryl Simpson and Joan Egerton, with Mr. H. Jenkings best man, and Messrs. Carl Jeppeson and O. Doerner, groomsmen, Mrs. W. T. Jenkings and Mr. John Jenkings sang ‘Ave Marias’ during the ceremony. The reception was held at ‘Kooba,’ Penkivil-street, where the bride’s mother, assisted by the mother of the groom, received the guests.



Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1931 – 1954),

Monday 25 May 1942, page 8

Good Response To Pep Talk

……… Harry Jenkings, Eastern Suburbs lock-forward, was taken to St. Vincent’s Hospital with a broken nose.


Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 – 1954),

Thursday 20 May 1943, page 8


Bondi lifesaver, Harry Jenkings, member of the Police Force, has resigned from Eastern Suburbs Rugby Union Club, for which he played in first and second grades for three years, and joined Eastern Suburbs Rugby League third grade team as lock-forward.


Tweed Daily (Murwillumbah, NSW : 1914 – 1949),

Thursday 28 June 1945, page 2

Two Men Arrested at Byron Bay

LISMORE, Wednesday: Two men were arrested at Byron Bay and charged with having in their possession goods reasonably suspected of having been stolen or unlawfully obtained.

It is alleged that the goods were portion of a cargo of an American vessel which went aground at Byron Bay in heavy seas about a fortnight ago. Some of the articles have been recovered by the police. They include motors, barometers, compasses, ships’ clocks, wire ropes, butter, tea, army blankets, general fittings and accessories. Police estimated the value of the recovered goods at £400. The investigations were carried out and the arrests made by Detective Constable H. Jenkings, of Lismore, and Detective Constable A. Brookes, of Sydney, who, in conjunction with American provosts, interviewed about 100 people between Monday and yesterday. The men charged were allowed bail and are to appear at Byron Bay Court on July 19.


Tweed Daily (Murwillumbah, NSW : 1914 – 1949),

Saturday 30 June 1945, page 2


LISMORE, Friday: Charged with breaking and entering the Popular Cafe, owned by Constatine Karazeris, Burringbar Street, Mullumbimby, on June 14, three men and two 18-year-old youths were granted bail today to appear at Mullumbimby Court on July 18.

The defendants are alleged to have broken into the cafe in the early hours of the morning and taken goods to the value of £13, including money, chocolates, soft drinks, tobacco and cigarettes.

Three were arrested at a banana plantation about 10 miles from Mullumbimby, on Thursday, by Detective-Constable H. Jenkings, of Lismore, Detective-Constable A. R- Brooks, of Sydney, and Constable G. Taylor, of Mullumbimby. The other two were arrested at Port Macquarie yesterday by Detective Lyons, of Kempsey, after being traced for several days. Two men were granted bail at Port Macquarie and three at Mullumbimby police station.


Tweed Daily (Murwillumbah, NSW : 1914 – 1949),

Thursday 19 July 1945, page 4

M’bimby Court

Three Men Committed For Trial

Charged with breaking and entering the Popular Cafe, Burringbar Street, Mullumbimby, on June 24 and stealing money, chocolates, cigarettes and tobacco of a total value of £12/13/4, the property of Constantine Karazeris, three men were committed for Trial by Mr A. J. Bryant, PM, at Mullumbimby Court yesterday.

They will appear in the Lismore Quarter Sessions on July 31. Each was granted bail at £30.

The men charged were Francis Hill (23), John Allen (27) and Spencer McIntyre (19).

Detective-Constable H. Jenkings, of Lismore, stated that in company with Constable Taylor he arrested the three men on the banana plantation where they were employed about seven miles from Mullumbimby: When questioned the defendants, he alleged, admitted the offence, which they regretted, adding that they were under the influence of liquor at the time.

Mr P. Street, who appeared for Hill, said that Hill was an ex-member of the AIF with a number of years’ service to his credit. He had been mentioned in dispatches for gallantry. Allen and McIntyre were undefended.

Constable A.R. BROOKS, of Sydney, prosecuted.


Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 – 1954),

Saturday 22 September 1945, page 6


Former Bondi swimmer, Constable Harry Jenkings, who has also played for Easts’ Union and League clubs, was recently married at Lismore, where is now stationed, to Miss Barbara Sullivan (AWAS), of Bondi.


Truth (Sydney, NSW : 1894 – 1954),

Sunday 19 December 1948, page 6


The long-odds chance came off this week when a youth walked into a Paddington dealer’s shop and asked about pawning a gold sovereign case with chain attached. The dealer made an excuse, slipped out the back and rang the detectives. The case and chain belonged to a friend of his who had it stolen from an auction sale at Petersham. The dealer remembered it because he had repaired it a week before. Dets. Harry Jenkings and Eric Rankin were quickly on the spot, but the youth had ” smelt a rat ” and bolted. *

Det. Jenkings
Det. Jenkings

Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1931 – 1954),

Saturday 19 May 1951, page 3


A policeman yesterday captured an exhausted man at Woollahra after a mile-and-a-half chase.

The man fell in a state of collapse. ” I’m done; you can take me, ” he said. Constable Harry Jenkings, of Paddington police, arrested him. Jenkings is a former Eastern Suburbs firsts grade Rugby Union forward and Bondi surf life-saver.

Constables Jenkings and Jim Watts were patrolling in Thorne Street, Edgecliff, at 5 p.m.

They saw a man enter a house, and recognised him as a man for whose arrest police held a warrant.

A woman invited Constable Jenkings into the house, where the man denied he was the one the police wanted. He agreed to accompany Jenkings to Paddington police station.

Door slammed

As they were leaving the house, the man pushed Jenkings backwards and slammed the door in his face. He had more than 30 yards start when Jenkings opened the door.

The man ran from Thorne Street on to a large, vacant allotment and crashed through dense bushes and scrub. Constable Jenkings and the man fell and rolled through the bushes and down steep, rough slopes during the chase.

Just as Jenkings over took him, in a thick clump of scrub, the man fell exhausted and surrendered. Constable Watts reached the spot shortly afterwards.

The two policemen had to assist the exhausted man — a 27-years-old meat lumper — a mile and a half back to the car.


Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 – 1954),

Sunday 9 August 1953, page 2

Mobile mower found

Samson, named by Constable Jenkings, strayed into the yard of the police station on Tuesday.

Samson was wearing a collar and chain which supports Constable Jenkings‘ view that he is the ” mobile lawnmower ” of someone in the Watsons Bay – Vaucluse area.   He seems quite content to browse in the long grass at the station, but Vaucluse police are anxious to find his owner.  Samson is carrying about £3 worth of wool.

MARK JENKINGS, 3, son of Vaucluse constable, Harry Jenkings, pats his new pal, Samson, the wandering sheep.
MARK JENKINGS, 3, son of Vaucluse constable, Harry Jenkings, pats his new pal, Samson, the wandering sheep.




The Sydney Morning Herald

2 May 1957  p 1 of 11


The Sydney Morning Herald4 January 1960  p 3 of 11


No other information can be found on this man, at this stage ( 17 March 2014 )



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