Henry Thomas STONE

Henry Thomas STONE

aka  Tom

Late of  ?

New South Wales Police Force

[alert_yellow]Regd. #  6206[/alert_yellow]

Rank: Probationary Constable – appointed 3 August 1948

Sergeant 1st Class – appointed 22 February 1975

Inspector 3rd Class – Retirement

Stations: ?, Cronulla ( 24 Division ), Sutherland ( 24 Division ) – Retirement

ServiceFrom  ? ? pre August 1948?  to  29 November 1982= 34 years Service ( without taking one sick day )


World War II

Australian Imperial Force      Royal Air Force

Regiment:  ?

Enlisted:  ?

Service #  ?

Rank:  ?

Embarkation:  ?

Next of kin:  ?

Religion:  ?

Single / Married:  ?

Returned to Australia:  ?


 Awards:  No find on It’s An Honour

Born:  30 November 1922

Died on:  Tuesday  27 June 2017

Age:  94


Event location:   ?

Event date:   ?

Funeral date: Tuesday  4 July 2017 @ 3pm

Funeral location:  St Patrick’s Catholic Church, Sutherland

This was a “private” funeral but a Guard of Honour was provided by Sutherland LAC

Buried at:  Cremated at Woronora Memorial Park

 Memorial located at?

Henry Thomas STONE


[alert_yellow]HENRY is NOT mentioned on the Police Wall of Remembrance[/alert_yellow]  *NEED MORE INFO





May they forever Rest In Peace


Today we bury a great man – my father in law – Tom Stone – aged 94.
Tom’s passing for me marks the end of a remarkable generation of Australians.
Born in 1922, Tom – along with his five brothers & sisters – inherited the optimism, scars & traumas left over from WW1. Growing up through the Great Depression, you learnt how to make do & like so many who experienced that level of national suffering, the legacy of loyalty, appreciation, hard work & thriftiness stayed with him till the very end.
A celebrated athlete & Rugby Union player, when WW2 began Tom enlisted and survived flying bombers as an Australian within the RAF. Occasionally he would speak of his adventures throughout North America, Europe & Asia when as a young man – the world was truly wide.
After the War he became a policeman where he rose to the senior rank of Inspector – 34 years of service – with not one day off.
He married the beautiful Barbara Fisher & together they had seven children – thankfully getting it right with their last one – Lizzy – who became my wife.
We moved in with Tom over the last two years & in hindsight – it has been such a blessing – & certainly never dull! Combine a loving, deaf, increasingly confused old man with three teenage granddaughters, a giant hyperactive destructive puppy & two stretched parents and I think you get the idea. Despite the chaos there was – & remains boundless love, rich laughter & most importantly – no regrets with how it all ends.
Thank you Tom Stone – for from your life you have greatly shaped mine – & for that I am eternally grateful!
Rest in Peace mate.

Note: I’ve included the music video of ‘Ragged Bloody Heroes’ for it features Tom reciting the Ode – alongside his old mates war veteran mates Hillary Kelly (RIP) & Bill Lindwall – still going strong at 95.



Luke O’Shea Sincere heartfelt thanks to all of your beautiful comments – it really has meant a lot reading these out aloud to Liz & the girls! Much love ❤️ ????


Ray Lambie I had the great fortune as a 19 year old to land at Cronulla PS under his command. A wonderful man and a composed and steady leader. RIP Good Sir.
Rachel Dunn Rip Tom. Sorry to hear your news Luke. I feel very honoured to have filmed Tom and his friends and captured a treasured moment. ♥️
Luke O’Shea Thanks Rachel, you sincerely captured a special moment in time.
Paul Grierson What a beautiful tribute , all the love my family can muster goes out to Lizzie and her sisters and to you and all affected by the loss of a great Aussie !!
Ian Russell RIP Henry Thomas Stone, Our nation is richer for having had your presence and poorer for your passing but we can always listen to you reciting those achingly beautiful words that mean so much to so many. Thank you Sir and God Bless. Lizzie, Luke and family, You made an old mans life less frightening and help him pass on in the light…..the greatest gift you gave Henry is peace & love. Take care of yourselves now……Peace.
Tracey Charlton Thinking of you, your wife and all the family at this sad time. Those last two years were the best gift you could all have been given, maybe not perfect, but time with an elder is always well spent. May you surround yourselves with your stories, and memmories of him, and love each other more than ever. This reminds us all that time is precious and we need to keep connected to the people we love.
May he rest in peace.


Fay Marie Levi RIP Tom…..???? My thoughts go out to yourself Luke,to Lizzy and the girls. Memories last a lifetime, I am sure you will find much comfort in looking back and remembering the fun times. Love to all ????
Andy Schrav Ah, no way. I didn’t know. RIP Tom. I enjoyed our few chats around the kitchen table. What a top man. Sorry to hear that he has passed away. He certainly made a huge impression on me and has without doubt leaves a legacy that will live on through your fine selves and your daughters. What an incredibly special time you all have had living together. That is not something most people get to experience. Thinking of you guys.
Peter Ackroyd Beautiful words Luke. 94 is a good innings but it’s never enough for the ones we love and care for. May he rest in peace and may all of the family find solitude in knowing he now resides in the Kingdom of Heaven.
Colin DeFries RIP Tom. Our beautiful country owes you and your peers a great debt of gratitude. Live long on the memories of the people you have touched.
My condolences to your whole family Luke. Cheers
Leanne Stapleton RIP Tom Stone, will be sadly missed, one of the old time greats from Sutherland. Condolences to you Lizzy, Luke and the amazing Stone family, so so sad but what a fantastic life. Well said Luke he is on your hearts now. ❤️
Kerry Ann My heartfelt sympathy to your beautiful wife and all the family. I’m sure there’s a new song to come telling his life’s story. A special man from a special era in Australian history.
Adam Hocking Beautiful words Luke, RIP Tom. When I recite the ode I usually tear up thinking of the sacrifices these men made. Ragged Bloody Heroes is a great song. Lest We Forget.
Michele Willsmore So sorry to hear of Tom’s passing. Big hugs to Lizzie and the rest of the Stone family plus, of course, you, Tilly, Skye and Faith. We’ll raise a glass of red to him on Saturday xx
Tracy Conley Our condolences Luke and family. Treasured memories will keep your beloved in your hearts and thoughts. Take care at this challenging time and know you have many who will keep your in their hearts and prayers.
Justine Ballard As usual Luke O’Shea your words are perfect. I’m sorry for the loss of your father in law and Lizzy’s dad???? what an amazing bunch of people that would have been around him until the end xxx
Sophie Allan Hey Luke mate thinking of you today mate, Mara Violet Allan – Service Dog and I are sending you some gentle green bubbles for hugs. Please write a song in this wonderful man’s honor mate, I know he’ll be proud of you for all your hard work as am I. Stay strong mate. Big Big Love Hazzy xxxx Cheers Luke O’Shea
Jeanette Bradfield Condolences to you & your wife’s family. Beautiful words about a man who obviously proudly served his country, something for which I’m thankful & grateful for, proudly served his community & his family.
R.I.P Tom x
Sue Roja Beautiful words Luke. Thoughts are with Liz, yourself and all the Stone clan. A tough time for all- but wow what a great long life. Now catching up with all those gone before him ❤️❤️
John Milross Beautiful, Luke. Well said. The Milrosses are thinking of your family and all the Stone clan. Such exemplary men we have been blessed with!
Michelle Thompson Sorry for the loss of a great man, but how rich your lives are just having him in them, my condolences to Lizzy and you and the family ????????????????


Lauren Pepper Beautifully said, he touched so many people’s lives, what a great man he was. It’s never easy but his name will live on through all that knew him. Love to all the family


Jill Robb Luke, I don’t know you or your family personally but would like to tell you what a beautiful tribute to your obviously much loved father and father in law this is.
Janet Delaney Sending my deepest sympathy. My Mum passed away on 23rd June, 2 weeks from her 94th birthday, which is tomorrow. Cherish the memories. Xx
Broadway Danny Rose Our thoughts and prayers are with the Stone family today. Losing your dad is not easy but as I know the support of family, friends and a little time helps ease the pain.
Michelle Jones It was a great send off for a great man! He and Barbara would be so proud of their wonderful children and beautiful grandchildren-a true legacy. ????
Gail Emmett So sorry for your loss Luke and family. Thank you for sharing a little of Tom’s story – it seems that he was a great bloke and wonderful role model xx
Brad Butcher Sorry to read this Luke. I remember chatting to him at your kitchen table, I’m glad to have met him. RIP Tom and love and best wishes to you, Liz & the girls mate
Donna White Was thinking of you all today at this difficult time. A lucky man to have been surrounded by the family as well as the family being so lucky to have had him in your lives xx

Phil Doublet Mate I’m so sorry for your loss. Love and hugs to you and Lizzy, and to your wonderful family mate. All the very best


Maree Watson Beautifully said Luke.. Tom will be greatly missed by us all.. much love to you, Liz, the girls and all the Stone clan xx
Chris Rieger Our deepest sympathy to Lizzy and your family, we are thinking of you… love the Riegers
Lyn Glasgow Condolences to you and your family on the sad passing of Henry Thomas. RIP mate. Thank you for your service to your country.
Lana Doublet ???? Sending so much love from over here to you, Liz and the girls, and the whole Stone clan. RIP Tom ????
Seamus Hannaway We will always miss a man a man of your stature, thank you for your service, sincerely yours Seamus Hannaway!
Andrew Devlin All the best mate, give my love to Lizzy. We’ll be thinking of you both.
Saffron Walsh-Yelverton Im very sorry for your loss Luke and to your wife and her family also, our deepest condolences xxx
Joy Crombie He sounds like a remarkable old Gentleman. I’m sure he will be greatly missed.
Leyce Simmonds Thinking of you, Lizzy and the girls. Loved the chats with Tom xx
Mary E West Condolences Luke and family. Rest Easy Sir your service to your country shall never be forgotten.
Beth Brown Condolences to all the family Luke. What a beautiful read about Tom Stone. Beautiful memories there.
Grant Black LEST WE FORGET .. Sorry for your family’s loss mate love n thoughts
Clelia Adams Rest in peace Tom. My sincere condolences to you all. xxxx
Graeme Hill Our condolences Luke and family. Our prayers are with you.
Brendan Nawrocki Thinking of yourself Lizzy and the family Luke take care man xo
Kate McGinniskin My thoughts & prayers are with you and your family Luke at this sad time. My he rest in peace. Xx
Terry Clapton From an Ex RAAFie RIP Sir, it is obvious you have passed on more than memories to your family, well done.
Cathy Dobson So sad for your loss Luke and family-sounds like you have lots of great memories to comfort you all.
Gabrielle Tracey Rest in Peace Mr Stone, thoughts are with your wife and family Luke.
Melissa Robertson I’m so sorry to hear that Luke thinking of you and your family Love and peace to you all xxxx
Melissa Long Condolences to the family Luke. What a life. A great innings it seems from this tribute.
Vicki Bowes Sending my thoughts to you and the girls… Especially to Lizzy. 94 is a great innings
Paul O’Neill Thoughts are with all you guys mate. Give Lizzy a big hug for me.
Helen M B Naylor Thoughts to all the family what a beautiful tribute
Lee Wingrove RIP Mr Stone. Thank you for your service and the obvious joy you bought to everyonone who knew you.
Louise Austin What a beautiful tribute to a remarkable man. My deepest sympathies to you, Liz and the girls. Sending you all much love. xxoo
Leisa Maree Bye Thinking of you and your family, Luke, and what a beautiful tribute you have written to him
John Kendall Sorry to hear brother. Love to you, Liz, and the kids from the Kendall’s.
Juzzy Supasta Leonard RIP Tom. Thoughts with Liz, Jane, Jenny and the rest of the siblings. Xx
Anne-Maree Spratt Beautiful tribute about one of the good ones ????❤️love to all the Stone Family, you have been in our thoughts & prayers
Connie Kis Andersen May your dear Father in Law rest in peace. Sincere respect and condolences extended to your, and his family Luke. x
Carol Anne Xxx
So sorry to hear
Sending our love to you, Liz & the girls xxx
Beautiful words Luke
A huge loss to your family xx


Brenda James Thank you for sharing such a lovely tribute.
Maree James Such beautiful words Luke. A true Australian legend. May you all find peace with your treasured memories of a wonderful man.
Greg Thomas Sincere sympathies to you, Lizzie and the girls Luke. May he rest in peace
Dominik Dutchie Boersma My condolences 2 u and ur family and the true hero rip thank u sir 4 wat u have done 4 us all
Penelope Tserpes Condolences to the family xx what a beautiful tribute –
Liv Maree Darlow Such beautiful words for ur father in law. So very sorry for the loss u and ur family are feeling. Love and best wishes.
Rebecca Middleton Much love to you all. What a perfect way for you all to spend the last 2 years together ❤️
Lisa Wilson So sorry for your loss Luke, Lizzy, chicks and family! Love and thoughts are with you all! Xo????❤️????
Gavin Moar Beautiful lines there Luke. A fantastic Australian no doubt. One our Generation could learn a lot from.
Carolynn Chance Such a beautiful tribute! Thank you for your service to our nation and it’s people. Lest We Forget. ????????
Kerrie Ramsay That was beautiful, Luke. What a special man. Give your girls a hug for me
Kerry Carter beautiful words Luke, obviously a very special man. deepest sympathy to the family
Andrew Freshwater Sad news, pass on my thoughts to Lizzy and the girls too.
Corinne Hoffmann Rapp Thinking of you, Lizzie and all the extended Stone family, what a great man. May Tom rest in Peace ????
Tony Pauline Hardship can make great men and It sounds like your wife’s dad was one of them.That age is a good dig but never makes it any easier .
Jenny Cameron Ließmann Sad to learn this news – warm thoughts to the Stone and extended family at this time.
Anne Daisy Neville Eloquently said. My thoughts are with you and your family.
Michelle Rollings Beautiful words Luke sorry for your loss … Thoughts are with you Lizzy and the girls may Tom Rip
Luke Schweizer RIP Tom, I’m glad I got to meet you, shake your hand and say g’day. Love to your family Luke
Sharon Shaw What a beautiful tribute Luke. Condolences to you and the family xx
Annette Richards R.I.P. Mr Stone. I too served my country and you have certainly led a full and incredible life. To all of your family I offer my condolences..xx
Rachel Duffey O’Connor Thinking of you all. Sending lots of love to you and Liz and your family
Margaret Watkins Thanks Luke beautiful words for a beautiful man. We will miss him daily. Xx cheers dad xx
Diana Buic Beautiful words Luke. May he rest in peace. Love to you all ????????????
Joanne Lea Deepest sympathy to Lizzy ,Yourself & the Girls, so lucky to spend that time with such an amazing human being.xx
Robyn Matthews Love to all of your family – what a wonderful person to have in your lives.
Kerrie Woolley Thoughts with you, Liz and the family. Sorry to hear of your loss xx
David Patullo Rest in peace sir thank you for you service . My deepest condolences to all the family.
Ellie Kirchner That is an almost identical story to my own father’s. 26/11/1922 – 7/7/2014. One of 7. Wireless Op in Bomber Command RAF.
RIP xo
KB Dwyer Sorry for your loss Lizzie and Luke and all the Stone descendants
Julie Holdsworth Our condolences to all the Stone family but thoughts with you Luke, Lizzy and girls. The Holdsworth’s.
Margaret Madden-Burns What beautiful thoughts Luke. It was lovely to see Tom reciting the ode yesterday. ????
Jodie Fearnley Pavett God bless Mr Stone, prayers and thoughts with you all xxoxx
Rob Waugh Well said Luke. I feel privileged to have witnessed such a great send off.
Mick Molloy Condolences to you and your Family Luke, an inspiration for all. Take care, from all the Molloy Mob!
Moreno Motociclista Although I’ve never met him, his voice moved me from when I first heard him. May he rest in peace
Kieran Emms Beautiful words Lukey. So very sorry. Sending loads of love to you all. Xxx
Lyn Maddigan Beautifully said Luke.
What an outstanding man…..94 is a good innings.
Our thoughts are with you all.
David Gregory Sorry to hear about your loss!! My thoughts are with you Luke & Lizzie & family!! Xxoo
Sharon O’Malley Sorry for your loss Liz, Luke and family. All our love to you.
Bronlyn Pixie-Anne Lind To Luke Lizzy and The Girls ????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️???????? Love Always Pixie Anne xxxxx
Jennifer Therese A beautiful send off filled with love. Tom’s legacy of a loving family will live on!
Lorraine Rogers Condolences tot he family Luke He is now with Barbara. RIP Tom Stone you will be missed!
Sheree Roser Such a beautiful and inspiring tribute… thank you for sharing
Kevin Portsmouth Well said Lukey and commiserations to you and Lizzy…good innings Henry, I’m sure you have left an amazing legacy.
Cameron Moss I’m sorry to hear…. great man Tom…. my condolences to all the family… I didn’t know and all my thoughts are with the Stone family… may he rest in peace….
Graham Brennan Keeping you and your family in our prayers Luke O’Shea.
Helen V Wright God bless. We are thinking of you & the whole family. We know what’s it’s like to loose a loved one suddenly. You are in our Heart’s thoughts & prayers at this time ????????????
Warren Woz Giffin Beautiful and heartfelt words Lukey. Sincere condolences to Lizzy and the family. Big LOVE and hugs, Woz.
Gina Varrasso Condolences to the family! May he rest in peace!
Yvonne Davies A beautiful memorial Luke! Condolences to you all…. xxxx
Sarah McGregor awe condolences Luke to you and your family xx
Janene Vella Sorry for your loss Luke and Lizzy…beautifully written. Xx ☀️☀️
Gavin Rayner A wonderful tribute Luke. May he rest in peace.
Tina Agostinis Wonderful words. My condolences to you and your family.
Kimberley Logue Sending our condolences to the whole family????????
Pat Drummond Our thoughts and prayers are with you all, mate
Glenys Russell Condolences to you and your family. RIP Tom.
Rick Freddy Spence Sad news mate. Condolences to the family
Jocelyn Hockley Thinking of you, Jess and all your family today.
Megan Roser Love and thoughts from Dave and i to you and the family xx
Darren Allen My condolences to you and your family, Luke.
Will Carroll Sorry to hear mate, much love to all of you.
Joy Thornton RIP Tom. Our condolences. Thinking of you.
Kylie McGill Condolences to the family X. Lovely words
Tom Curtain Sorry to hear mate, thinking of you guys
Sue Kelly Thanks Luke a lovely write up xx
Leanne Tsambos Beautiful words so sorry for your family’s loss
Rip Tom ????
Judy Brunning RIP Tom. A really lovely tribute to him. Xx
Sherien Barnett Condolences to the family rip
Helen Maria Spoken with love. Love to all families at this time xxxxx
Trish Timmins Amazing memories and beautiful sentiments Luke – take care.
Beverley Vaschina A beautiful tribute Luke to a very special man.
Adam Collins Sincere condolences mate!
Amber Lawrence So sorry for your loss Luke and Liz xx
Tanya Perritt What a great life, beautiful tribute Luke.
Cindy Eick Thoughts are with you xxx
RIP Mr Stone xx
Jennifer Bishop Condolences to you and your family Luke.
David Omalley Well done mate sorry for your loss you and lizzy
Angela Langan ???? to Lizzy, u and the girls. X
Wade McCarthy RIP Tom, sounded like a great man.
Brian Tuffin RIP your final mission is completed.
Mitch Holland Lest we forget.
RIP Tom.
Terry Holland Love you all ❤️
John O’Dea Condolences Luke and your family
Heather Davidson Sorry for your loss Luke and family.
Christa Bradley My condolences to your family
Clare Bear Gallagher Depest sympathy
Rebecca Smith Rest in peace Henry Thomas Stone
Sam Hansen Rip sir
Deb Sanders RIP Tom. Beautiful Tribute Luke. ????
Marcel Arendse He’s a legend mate. Hugs ????
Don Radford Sorry for your loss Luke
Dean Hetherington RIP good sir .
Shiralee Green Sounds like a real legend
Don Bulmer May he rest in peace
Edward Charles Harrison Family ….beautiful
Zohar Lyon Kantor Condolences to you and the family Luke O’Shea.
Nola Hedger ????????????
Fran Porter ???? xxxx
Belinda Patton Condolences to you Luke, Liz and family xo
Lisa Waugh So beautifully said Luke!
Karen Frances Pentland Lovely words Luke…..RIP Tom
Cheryl Kubinek Thoughts are with u Liz n Luke ❤️
Hellen Oz Sorry to hear Luke
Helen Maria Your welcome sounds like he was a real cool man. Plus I got to know a lot of the old bomber pilots over the years they were all top guys. As I own a Ww11 Avro Anson bomber I loved all their stories and a lot of respect for them. They are last of the true Australians. R.I.P mate
Cher Hague What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful Australian,our country was built on men like you Tom Stone,thank you,we are grateful for your contribution to the nation and for your family values.Lest We Forget.
Terri Burns Sad news for you all Dont be sad that he has gone but be happy that he has been and made such a wonderful contribution to this country RIP dear comrade
Therese Proust We wish we could have met him, and we can see where you get some of your strength and inspiration. love therese and prousty
Natalie Popp Very well said Luke I’m sure he will be very sadly missed .
MaryAnne Whiting A beautiful tribute. My thoughts and prayers go to his family and friends.
Andrew Bones Gibbs RIP Sir and thank you for your service, both militarily and in the police force.
Katrina Mulcahy Thoughts with the family. Lovely words Luke x
Mark Dooley My sincere condolences mate
Kerry Atkins-Derrick Deepest sympathy ,he sounded a lovely man !
Pam Brien A wonderful man with a wonderful family x
Glenda Busuttil God Bless him. May he rest in peace.
Kerry Hillen Sorry for your loss Luke and Liz xx
Jamie Kite RIP Tom and God speed
Renee McGaughey So sorry for your loss Liz. Sad time for you ❤️
DavidnJan Owen RIP thank you
Anika Corner Beautiful words Luke.




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