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Going Away?
We all like to get away from time to time, but the safety of our homes is always in the back of our minds.

  • Will it be broken into?
  • What will be stolen?
  • What will be damaged or destroyed?
  • Will it still be standing?

We don’t need these extra worries when we are supposed to be enjoying ourselves.
So, what should we do ?
There are several important points to consider. A housebreaker looks for homes that appear to be unoccupied so, it is important that the offenders task is not made any easier.

  • Leave a key in a convenient hiding place such as under the door mat.
  • Leave notes outside for relatives, friends or tradespeople.
  • Advertise the fact that you are about to be absent from your home.

Before you leave
Tell your trusted neighbours, relatives or Neighbourhood Watch Zone Representative that you are going away; leave them a key, an itinerary with destinations and contact phone numbers; and ask them to do certain things for you.

  • Collect junk mail from the letter box and put out the rubbish bins.
  • Have them open and close curtains/blinds each day to give the home a “lived-in” look.
  • Ask a neighbour to park a car in your driveway.
  • Arrange for lawns to be cut and sprinklers to be activated.
  • Have parcels delivered to a neighbour while you’re away.

What should I do?

  • Make sure that the garden shed is locked securely and all tools are stored away.
  • Turn the telephone down, turn off outside bells and activate the answering machine.
  • Install automatic timers and use radio talkback stations. A light in the lounge room which turns on, for example between 6.00pm and 10.00pm and another in the bedroom that turns on between 10.00pm and 10.15pm, gives the appearance of someone being home.
  • Key lock all windows and ensure that all external doors are locked securely with a dead-lock
  • Consider leaving your dog at home. The neighbours or their children can walk, play and feed your mobile guard (some offenders are wary of dogs)
  • Remove all money and valuables to a safe place such as your bank.
  • Consider trimming any shrubs growing near the house to below window level; high bushes can provide a hiding place for the offender.


Remember an untidy front garden makes a home Look unoccupied.


Don’t forget to cancel newspapers, milk, bread and stop the mail at the post office. It is also a good idea to authorise your neighbour or Zone Representative to effect repairs should worse come to worst. Leave money or a cheque to cover the cost of a broken window. Finally, should it be necessary for police to contact someone, register your after hours key holders at your local police station and ………………


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