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How The Men in Blue Walk the Beat


Have you noticed more police in your neighbourhood lately ?

These officers could be your local beat police, walking and working in your streets. They are there to work together with residents, local business people and other police officers to help reduce violence, crime and fear in you area.

Beat police officers get to know their local area well and develop close consultation with the community in which they work. People can approach police and raise any concerns about problems in their neighbourhood and assist police with information about crime.

The beat policing initiative is making the services of the New South Wales Police Force more accessible for everybody interested in preventing crime in their local area.

Launched on 27th April 1990, the New South Wales Police Force Beat Policing initiative is being progressively implemented throughout patrols state-wide.

Beat police officers are specially assigned to work in close contact with their local community. Their areas of operations are known as `beats’ and include local streets, homes, schools, businesses and community centres. Beat police may also be seen travelling on public transport to and from their beat.

The major aim of beat policing is to increase communication between police and the community they serve. Beat policing offers opportunities for resolution of local problems and encourages people to feel safer in their community.

Beat policing is one the New South Wales Police Force’s Community Based Policing initiatives and works in conjunction with programs such as Neighbourhood Watch, Safety House and Youth Clubs.

There are now over 1,000 beat throughout New South Wales, with almost half the state’s patrols currently participating in the program.

In general, beat policing has been a great success, with reductions in street offences, car theft and increases in arrests and information from the public. The increased sense of community safety and the opportunities for police to build trust and understanding, especially with young people, are positive benefits of the beat policing strategy and is yet another mark of success.

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