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Australian Police

The Thin Blue Line – Australian Police

Indicators – Index


Fraud Risks and Prevention Indicators


Credit Cards


  • Fraudulent monetary transactions on credit and debit cards
  • Used at bank branches to obtain cash advances
  • Used at merchant establishments in payment for goods and/or services
  • At Automatic Teller Machines to obtain cash advances
  • Theft from the authorised holder



  • Drawing of uncleared funds from banks, ATMs, EFTPOS
  • Fraudulent representation of stolen cheques
  • Fraudulent cashing of cheques
  • Cheques not met on presentation

Salaries, Wages and Overtime Payments


  • Fraudulent claims for expenses (eg travelling)
  • Fraudulent salaries and wages input documents
  • Fraudulent recording of attendance and time
  • Fraudulent overtime claims
  • Payroll ‘ghosts’
  • Unnecessary overtime
  • Over-award payments

Materials, Tools and Equipment

  • Materials, tools and equipment used for private purposes
  • Theft of materials, tools and equipment

Cash Receipts

  • Theft of money

Computer and Data Security

  • Destruction/corruption of data
  • Theft of data for commercial purposes
  • Unauthorised release of sensitive information
  • Theft of equipment
Crime Prevention Tips – Home Security
Carelessness accounts for nearly 20% of all house robberies in New South Wales. In some cases thieves had only to turn a key left in the lock. Others had only to look under the doormat or another of those favourite “hiding places” to find the key. REMEMBER, a lock is not a lock unless you use it.

Crime Prevention Tips – Burglary

Some facts on burglary
Statistics show home burglaries are likely to happen during daylight hours and Friday appears to be the most popular day for this type of crime to be committed. Burglars often force open windows or doors to gain entry, although, in many cases they are either open or unlocked.

Crime: What to look for and how to report it

If you see someone breaking into a neighbour’s home, or notice the presence of an unauthorised person, call the Police Emergency number 000 immediately. Do not hesitate to call 000 (Australia only – in the United States of America ring 911) if you see any serious crime being committed. If you see a suspicious vehicle in your neighbour’s driveway, or parked outside their house, don’t turn a blind eye. Telephone your neighbour to find out if they have visitors or are receiving a delivery.

Information and Disclosures


  • Unauthorised disclosure of sensitive information, whether motivated by personal gain or malice

Purchase and Accounts Payable

Petty Cash, Advance Accounts


  • Wasteful expenditure
  • Short supply of goods
  • Supply of inferior goods
  • Payment for services and goods not supplied
  • Purchase of goods for private use
  • Kickbacks for biased selection of suppliers
  • Payments to ‘bogus’ vendors for false claims
  • Cheques written for cash only
  • Cheques not properly authorised
  • Cost of tyres, repairs, fuel received and paid for by company funds.

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