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Indicators – Cheques


Fraud Risks and Prevention Indicators



  • Drawing of uncleared funds from banks, ATMs, EFTPOS
  • Fraudulent representation of stolen cheques
  • Fraudulent cashing of cheques
  • Cheques not met on presentation


  • Inadequate cheque clearance procedures
  • Counterfeit bank cheques
  • Cheques obtained from companies by persons disguised as repairmen, contractors etc and new cheque books ordered from the bank.
  • Insufficient funds in account for presentation of cheque

Prevention Measures

Make sure that:

  • Cheques payable to a third party are properly endorsed by the payee
  • Cheque endorsement is in order.
  • There are no changes on the cheque
  • The cheque has the correct date
  • Figures match the writing
  • Signature is okay.


  • Contact the company by phone to confirm validity of the cheque
  • Contact bank for special clearance of cheque
  • Safeguard cheques


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