Australian Police

Australian Police

The Thin Blue Line – Australian Police

Indicators – Computer Crime


Fraud Risks and Prevention Indicators

Computer and Data Security


  • Destruction/corruption of data
  • Theft of data for commercial purposes
  • Unauthorised release of sensitive information
  • Theft of equipment


  • Sharing Identification numbers and passwords
  • Unauthorised access from remote location (hacking)
  • Unauthorised access by non-authorised employee
  • Security system by-passed
  • Poor physical security
  • Poor system security
  • Abuse of legitimate access
  • Viruses etc or other wilful damage by disgruntled employee or competitor
  • Appropriate computer security changes not done when employees with access leave or transfer
  • Data files and listings not held under proper security

Recommended Prevention Measures

  • Appropriate system failure procedure developed and implemented
  • Review and investigation of security violation reports
  • Computer listings controlled and shredded after use
  • Officer not permitted to share Identification numbers and passwords
  • Regular change of passwords (each 30 days)
  • Cancelling access to data when officer transfers or leaves or no longer requires access
  • Regular monitoring of users of dial-up facilities
  • A sound system of controlling employees with access to data (ie management review of work quality)
  • Physical security of equipment and diskettes


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