Indicators – Info Disclosures

Fraud Risks and Prevention Indicators

– Information and Disclosures –


  • Unauthorised disclosure of sensitive information, whether motivated by personal gain or malice


  • Disgruntled employees
  • Information not adequately secured
  • Inadequate building security
  • No policy governing disclosure
  • No classification of information concerning suppliers or contractors
  • Pressure from suppliers, contractors or competitors to disclose information
  • Employees with prolonged dealings with clients who may seek to corrupt or ‘capture’ the employees
  • Misunderstanding of Freedom of Information obligations
  • Lack of computer security

Prevention Measures

  • Sensitive material should be identified by managers and classified
  • Adequate physical security maintained in respect of sensitive information
  • Managers to initiate specific controls/guidelines in sensitive areas and ensure staff compliance:
    – limiting access to confidential information
    – restricting contact to authorised officers
  • Managers should ensure that staff in sensitive areas attend fraud awareness training and are made aware of the special procedures in their areas of responsibility
  • Sound computer security
  • Adequate building security


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