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Introduction to the Security Industry

  • Introduction
    The performance of security activities in New South Wales is now governed by the Security Industry Act 1997 and Regulation. The new laws, which came into effect in July 1998 have been designed with the clear intention of providing the community of New South Wales with confidence in a professional security industry where competency (training), integrity and accountability are provided and maintained to a high standard.
  • General Information
    Licences will be issued for a period of 1 or 5 years unless suspended or revoked (eg. if the conditions of a licence are not satisfied or the licensee is convicted of a prescribed offence)…
  • Security Training

Pre-training Criminal Record Check

  • It is a requirement of the new legislation that a criminal record clearance be given, prior to an applicant being trained for entry to the security industry.
  • Your Training Organization will co-ordinate your clearance with the Security Industry Registry. You will not be permitted to undertake training if you have a criminal record within the past ten years for an offence that would restrict you from being granted a licence.
  • Pre-training criminal record checks will not be accepted from individuals. Your training provider will submit the application on your behalf.
  • Training cannot be undertaken until such time as the result of the pre-training criminal record check has been received by your training provider.
  • Completed licence applications are processed by the Security Industry Registry.



Security Industry Registry Forms

  • P601 – Application for a Class 1 and or Class 2 licence
  • P604 Application for a Change of Details and/or Duplicate of a Security Licence
  • P605 – Schedule of Fees
  • P606 – Security Licence Classes, Required Qualifications and Documentation
  • P607 – Authority for Pre-Training Criminal Record Check

Postal Address
Security Industry Registry
Locked Bag 5099

Contact Information

General Enquiries
Telephone no: 1300 362 001
Fax no: 1300 362 066

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