Conditions and Authority of a Licence

The Security Industry Act, 1997 and Regulation sets out specific conditions and authorities for all Class 1, 2 and Master licences granted.

Each licensee is individually issued with the conditions and authorities, relevant to the licence that has been approved. This document also includes receipt details for the licence fee paid.

Class 1 and 2 Licences

Once a photograph licence has been issued, a ‘Notice of Authority and Conditions’ is sent to the licensee by mail. This document outlines detailed information concerning the type of duties that may be performed, as well as other special and standard conditions of the licence.

Standard Conditions for all Class 1 and Class 2 Licensees


  • The licence does not allow the holder to perform any other duties apart from those approved.
  • The licence cannot be transferred to any other person.
  • A licensee cannot perform any security activity unless employed by a Master Licence holder.
  • If you have only completed the core modules toward the Certificate II in Security Guarding, proof that you have successfully completed the remaining modules must be provided to the Registry within 12 months.
  • Within a period specified by the Commissioner, Class 2 licensees must provide evidence of attaining approved competency levels for the categories of the licence held.
  • The licence is valid until the expiry date printed on the photograph licence, unless it is suspended or revoked by the Commissioner or surrendered by the licensee.
  • The photo licence must be worn and clearly visible at all times when carrying on a security activity, unless a written exemption has been granted by the Commissioner.
  • All advertisements in relation to any security activity carried on by the licensee must contain the licence number.

A Class 1 or Class 2 Licensee must not:

  • Carry on a security activity unless the proper licence is held.
  • Contravene any conditions of the licence.
  • Advertise that the licensee is willing to carry on any security duties unless a valid licence is held.
  • Unlawfully induce any person to enter into an agreement or contract to carry on any security activity.
  • Attempt to use the licence to perform, or suggest that you may perform any duty apart from the functions authorised by the licence.
  • Sell, hire or rent the licence to any other person.
  • Delegate the carrying on of security duties to a person who is not the holder of a licence.

Class 2 A Security Consultant – Special Condition

  • This licence is issued upon the condition that the approved qualification is achieved within the time specified by the Commissioner.

Master Licence – Conditions and Authority

The Master Licence, together with the ” Notice of Conditions and Authority” are sent to the business. This document outlines detailed information concerning any special and standard conditions in relation to the licence granted.

Standard Conditions for all Master Licence Holders:

  • The holder of a Master Licence is authorised to conduct a business of providing persons to carry on security activities, provided those employees hold the appropriate class of licence.

A Master licence holder must:

  • Conspicuously display the Master Licence at the principal place of business and a copy of the licence at each of the premises used for conducting the security activity.
  • In any employment advertisements, indicate that applicants for licences are subject to criminal record checks and probity assessments.
  • Notify the Security Industry Registry in writing of any changes in particulars relating to the licensee, as soon as possible after they occur.
  • Ensure that all advertisements concerning security activities contain the licence number.
  • If the security activities performed, involve the possession or use of firearms or dogs, the licensee must obtain public liability insurance cover totalling at least ten million dollars ($10,000,000).
  • A record must be kept of the licence number, full name and address of each licensed employee.
  • A record of the following details must be kept for each occasion that Class 1 licensees are required to perform security services:
    i. The name and address of the person engaging those services
    ii. The address of the location at which the services are provided
    iii. The date on which the services are provided
    iv. Details of the services provided.
  • A record of each visit is to be kept for every mobile patrol visit.
  • In addition to all other records where the Master Licence holder is engaged in crowd control activities, a register is to be kept containing the following particulars: Details relating to each incident, in the course of performing crowd control duties, involving the licensee making forcible physical contact with, or restraining, a member of the public or involving the licensee ejecting a member of the public from the premises or site concerned.
  • Master licence holders who provide services such as crowd control or mobile patrols, must keep records such as incident registers or patrol records and must allow these records to be inspected at any reasonable time at the place of business where they are kept by:
    (a) any police officer, or
    (b) any person authorised in writing by the Commissioner.Police officers or authorised persons may take copies or extracts from those records or registers.
  • A Master Licence holder must not employ any person to work in the cash in transit sector of the security industry or in any area which involves access to operational information relating to the licensee’s security business, if that person would be refused a licence because of Section 16 of the Security Industry Act, 1997.
  • If a corporation contravenes a provision of the Act or Regulation, then each person who is a Director or who is concerned in management, will also be considered responsible if they knowingly permitted or authorised the contravention.
  • Master licence holders cannot enter into any arrangement, by contract, franchise or otherwise, with another person for the purpose of providing persons to carry on security activities, unless the other person is also the holder of a Master Licence.
  • Master licences remain in force for a period of 5 years from the day on which it was granted, unless suspended, surrendered or revoked.
  • A Master licence holder must obtain and retain membership of an approved Industry Organization.

Sole Trader (no employees)

A Sole Trader Master Licence holder is not authorised to employ any other person to carry on security activities.

  • This authority allows the licensee to be self employed and to carry on security activities, provided that the appropriate Class 1 and /or Class 2 licence is also held.