James Robert BERTHALY



aka  Bob / Bertha / Kimbies

NSW Police Academy Class # 113

New South Wales Police Force

Regd. # 12936

Rank: Probationary Constable – appointed 11 December 1967

Constable – appointed 11 December 1968

Senior Constable – appointed 11 December 1976

Detective Sergeant – appointed 31 August 1984

Detective Sergeant – retired

Stations?,  Albury ( 1969, 1972 ), Liverpool Detectives, Green Valley Detectives, Kogarah ( 1973 ), Hurstville ( 1970’s – 1980’s ), Campbelltown Detectives ( 35 Division – at the ‘old’ Railway St Police Station ), South West,  Albury,

ServiceFrom  ? ? pre December 1967  to  ? ? ? = ? years Service

Awards:  National Medal – granted 29 November 1983

Born:  Saturday  24 January 1948

Died on:  Thursday 15 November 2018

Cause:  Cancer – Brain

Event location: Frank Whiddon homes, Glenfield

Age:  70yrs  9mths  22days

Funeral date:  Tuesday 20 November 2018@ 2pm

Funeral location: North Chapel, Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Camden Valley Way, Leppington

Buried at: ?

BOB is NOT mentioned on the Police Wall of Remembrance  * NOT JOB RELATED

Bob Berthaly, James Robert Berthaly




Post for James Robert "Kimbies" Berthaly - thanks people for all your kind words and waries it seems that uncle bob has turned the corner regarding the situation before Christmas. He is still in gosford hospital but as you can see he is much much better. I did tell him it was his shout at the pub though. Mark


( Attached 2 March 2019 )

Jeff Rey
October 23, 2018 ( Ex Cops – Secret FB Group )

It is a little difficult to feel another emotion other than melancholy after visiting an old friend who, in his own words looks you in the eye with his steel blue eyes and tells you he only has four weeks to live. Today was such a day when I visited my old work colleague from Campbelltown Detectives, James Robert Berthaly, known to all as either Bob, Bertha or Kimbies. My old partner Peter Gould had been generous enough to call in and see him before I had arrived and as I sat out on the verandah in the sunshine with Bob, we reminisced on times gone by, funny times we had shared at our second unofficial office ’The Lacks Hotel’, exchanging war stories and the like.

He spoke glowingly of his undying love for his three sons, one of whom tragically he had already lost through cancer, his friends from his lengthy and distinguished policing career, his world travels, his friends, but most of all his funny, quirky anecdotes about almost every facet of his life. As I sat there quietly listening to my old dying friend, I thought to myself that only those who knew this larrikin could even dare to believe his wonderful stories. Some of them have already become legendary.

For the two hours I sat with Kimbies, the mood was surprisingly uplifting, and he indeed laughed a great deal. I was almost in awe of his tenacity, courage and typically “Fuck You cancer” attitude. There were two occasions however, when he shed a few tears. I also did in kind. How could I not. When I left him, he gave me a massive bear hug and planted a big kiss on my left cheek, declaring, “I love you”. It was in turn, reciprocated.

I have made it my solemn promise to this great man and myself to visit him regularly, weekly, in his greatest time of need and I urge all of his friends and former colleagues to do the same. He is in good spirits, and informed me that he is happy to receive guests. Bob always had time for everyone else. Now it is our time to repay that debt. You will find him on Level 2, Raine House, Whiddon Group, 81 Belmont Road, Glenfield.

Our lives, by those who have touched them are etched forever in our minds as a myriad of footprints in the sand. Some footprints however, are etched deeper in the sands than others, solely by what we have received from those whose footprints are left. In Bob’s case, his footprints are forever indelible.

James Robert Berthaly, Bob Berthaly, Jeff Rey

James Robert Berthaly, Bob Berthaly,

James Robert Berthaly, Bob Berthaly,

James Robert Berthaly, Bob Berthaly,

James Robert Berthaly, Bob Berthaly,

James Robert Berthaly, Bob Berthaly,

James Robert Berthaly, Bob Berthaly,

Received this letter from the Police Commissioner yesterday for the late ‘Kimbies’ Berthaly. Emailed to me to pass onto the Berthaly family. Nice gesture Commissioner. I know the family will appreciate it.



Original Post re Get Well Bob


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Hi, my name is SuzanneSmithers. I am related to Robert Berthaly through a second marriage of his mother. I would like to connect with him as I want to ask him if he has my grandfathers war medals. I have been looking for him for years. Can you please get me in touch with him. Thanks

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