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John Desmond O’CONNELL


John Desmond O’CONNELL

New South Wales Police Force

Regd. # 7886

Born  10 November 1932

81 old

Died  29 April 2013

Funeral  –  May 2013



John Desmond O'CONNELL
John Desmond O’CONNELL



With regret I advise the death of;

John Desmond O’CONNELL, 82 old, former Regd. No. 7886, a non-Member of RPA of Wentworthville.

John passed away on 29/04/2013 and his funeral is proposed to be held at 2pm on Wednesday 7th Instant at Garden Chapel, Castlebrook Memorial Park, Windsor Road, ROUSE HILL.


Dear John (Pop)

I have been thinking about you a lot lately and even though you were cantankerous and argumentive you presence was immense. We all knew by how kindly you treated animals that you had a gently heart bust just wasn’t sure how to relay that to the ones you loves, we just knew. You will always be with us xox
I am sorry I will be unable to make it there today to say goodbye. I am home looking after your son’s hobby (sheep, cows, pigs), I am sure you will understand, I shall light a candle for you and have a cup of coffee. Love Narelle xox

Narelle O’Connell lit a candle for John Desmond O’Connell



  • Dear Pop,
    Im sorry I won’t be able to make it to say goodbye. I will light a candle for you and will be thinking of you x
    Like Clayton I remember the feeling of excitement while waiting for you and Nan to arrive when you used to visit us at Christmas time and remember always feeling sad when you had to go home.
    I remember being really little and sitting on your lap and telling you that you had a fat belly lol.
    My most special memory was when Chloe was around 3yrs old and she was dancing and said “Dance with me poppy, dance with me” she took your hand and pulled you closer to the music. You danced and laughed with her. It was a gorgeous moment and will be one that will forever make my heart smile.
    Rest In Peace Pop xxx
    Shandelle Covell lit a candle for John Desmond O’Connell
    • Dear POP
      I wont make it there to say goodbye but i will never forget you.I’ll always remember being a little boy and waiting for you and nan to come up at xmas time Dell and I use to wait on the balcony of the house looking for the car and boat and being very excited when we saw you guys going down the road it was always like a second xmas for us when you and nan turned up.I can remember waiting for for you to get your fishing rods out and your tackle box which was always so clean and organised.We used to go down to the river and fish everyday that you were there. How dad,you and i use to get up early in the mornings to go fishing at Lawrence in the boat.I remember how u always were making things out of timber and dad and your self would be chopping up timber with the chainsaw for u to take back to Sydney to make something with.POP i remember when you use to laugh was a big booming laugh.Your love of lawn bowls. You and nan coming to airlie beach for our wedding day and we still have the pen you gave us which we use to write on our calender every time we use we will think of you pop love always Clayton & Leanne
      Clayton Oconnell lit a candle for John Desmond O’Connell
      • The days of guns and handcuffs,
        a memory of the past.
        The rod stands in a corner
        awaiting  bait to cast.The wood lathe turns no longer,
        and chisels flat in rest.
        No fast greens, jacks or roll ups,
        and strive to play the best.His body is at peace now,
        for him there is no pain.
        In the company of loved ones,
        until we meet again.
        Annette Pearce lit a candle for John Desmond O’Connell




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