2/6 Cavalry Commando Regiment and 2nd Cavalry Regiment


 (Cavalry News 67, Dec 2001)


On page 17 of our last issue is a picture of four of our members, each of which served post war in the police force.  One of them, John Emmett , joined the army in 1940, and saw active service in the Western Desert, Greece, Syria and the Northern Territory.

In 1942 Jack joined the 2/10 Commando Unit, however, in 1943 he left the Army to join the RAAF where he became a Navigator on Liberator bombers.

The other three members of the foursome all experienced active service with the 2.10 Commando Unit in some of the fiercest fighting in New Guinea and adjacent islands.

At war’s end each of them was discharged from the Services and each joined the NSW Police Force.

Jack (John) Emmett joined the Police Force in 1947 and was attached to Newtown Station.  Jack recollects that on reporting for duty his Inspector was a bit put out (to say the least) when he, Jack, stated he was a member of the Police Choir.

Like most probationers, Jack experienced a number of “faux pas”, the most serious letting a prisoner escape whilst he was cleaning the cells.

However, the Gods were looking after Jack and he went on to continue an industrious career.  His Newtown experiences included locking up the usual number of hoodlums, thieves and vagrants.

In addition he was able to shoot a number of injured dogs without shooting himself or a member of the public.

He then did a spot of School Lecturing at Parramatta.  It was at Parramatta that Jack found his calling for the Police Prosecuting Staff and for the next 25 years he prosecuted at various City courts along with relieving Country Prosecutors.

In 1964 Jack was transferred to Tamworth as a Prosecutor and remained so for 7 years.

He then moved to Newcastle in charge of Prosecutors until 1974 when he was transferred to Central Court in charge of Police Prosecutors until 7 Nov 1977 when he retired.  Jack is the 4th generation that has served with distinction in the NSW Police Force.

Nev Shorrock and Ossie Pomroy joined the Police Force on the same day in 1946.  Nev Shorrock served on general duty at Manly for 11 years, then as a Senior Constable he was transferred to Delegate for 2 years.  Neville resigned from the force at Delegate to purchase a General Store and Newsagency which he operated for the next 18 years.

He then moved to Greenwell Point where he operated the local Post office for the next 15 years.  He is now living in retirement at Greenwell Point.

Ossie, after his initial training of 1946, was attached to Phillip Street, after which on General Duty he went bush serving at Lismore, Tweed Heads, Gloucester, Werris Creek, Wee Waa and Nowra.

It was then back to the City to serve as an Inspector at Burwood, Blacktown and Katoomba where he retired.  Unfortunately recently in retirement Ossie had a misunderstanding with a box trailer.

It appears that Ossie was under the trailer doing some repairs when it collapsed on top of him and trapped him.  The result was severe leg injuries, however, he is on the road back.

The fourth member of the foursome, Ron Scott , joined the NSW Police Force in 1947 and after initial training he went to Leichhardt for a short spell, then to Lithgow for 18 months and then back to the City for 6 months at Regent Street.

Camperdown was the next stop for 12 months where he resigned in 1951 to re-enter the Army with the rank of Sergeant.  Ron served for 12 months in Korea to be followed by 2 years in Malaya.

He left the Army in 1963 to join the Commonwealth Police for three years.  he resigned from the Commonwealth Police to take on employment with Burns Phillip from where he retired.  Ron is currently the President of the old Army Association.

Hats off to this foursome who served their Country so well in Peace as well as in War.